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Within and outside the Nigerian legal space, there are few words that get more constant reference than the word ’Justice.’ The consistency of its recurrence in our lexicon is indicative of the fact that, almost, if not, everyone with a capacity to reason has a perspective of what ‘Justice’ entails. There is also a natural disposition and assumption that whatever misaligns with an individual’s idea of justice would amount to injustice.

In view of the fact that, most citizens have an expectation of, and stake in justice, it is axiomatic that the concept itself and the vehicles for its delivery are communal and national issues that require a consensus (from, at least the majority) as to what the acceptable standards should be. It is for these reasons that Wole Olanipekun & Co. (WOC) has assembled a team of leading industry players and stakeholders in the justice sector to constructively engage in a solution driven discussion towards developing an institutional concept for justice.

WOC has been an active participant in the justice sector in the last four decades. Over the that period, we have built relationships that are now being leveraged upon to put up this summit as part of our contributions towards building, not only a lasting justice institution for Nigeria, but also one that satisfactorily adapts to the ever changing needs and expectations of citizens anchored on consistent and acceptable principles.

Register for the event immediately via this link  and stream live on Youtube via this link

Bode Olanipekun, SAN
Managing Partner

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