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We cannot continue to live in fear – says Former YLF Chairman, and Branch Publicity Secretary, NBA Ikeja, Charles Ajiboye, FICMC, FCAI, ACIS.

Congratulates NBA Ado-Ekiti Branch on the release of their member, decries the state of insecurity in the Nation.

Mr. Ajiboye said “we cannot continue to live like strangers in our own country, and move around with fear everyday. We must consider State Police as an option. Every Crime is local and can be nipped at source. We must rise and speak with one voice and end all this.”

He said “I lost my friend and class mate who was killed by kidnappers in that state, a senior member of Ikole Branch was also released a few weeks back, and now a Former YLF Chairman who recently played host to me in their Branch. Who do we know is next. How much more, and how many more times would we need to pay ransome. We can’t continue like this.

This is how it starts and gets completely out of hand. Before too long, lawyers may become targets. Our job involves a lot of traveling. Even if it didn’t, the ordinary man still depends on us to speak for them. We must declare war on Kidnapping and Banditry in much more stronger terms than ever.”

Charles Ajiboye, an Executive Partner at The Penthouse Solicitors is a Former YLF Chairman, and Former Branch Publicity Secretary of the NBA Ikeja Branch.