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Renowned Nollywood Actor & Legal Practitioner, Dr. Kenneth Okonkwo (a.k.a Andy Okeke) Drums Support For Dele Adesina SAN

My Fellow Learned Colleagues,

I pray my humble observations meet you well and please stay safe.

I have followed closely the discussions pertaining the upcoming NBA elections and have come to the inevitable conclusion that if we have to move forward in NBA, the person we will elect to be President should be someone who knows the in and out of the Bar. A man who is magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat. An intelligent man who is also humble. Above all, a man who has the fear of God.

Recall that many of our branches have been enmeshed in crises. We need a cool headed man to reconcile the different forces and call them to peace.

I examined the candidates and found out that there is one of them who has been a branch Chairman of NBA. He has been a General Secretary of the Bar. This makes him very versatile in the workings of the Bar. He has contested to be President three times and his defeat did not germinate in him any sense of rebellion against the candidates that defeated him. He rather worked with them to ensure the furtherance of the interest of the Bar. Above all, he is a Man of God.

I believe that if given opportunity this time around, he will bring to bear all these experiences and we all will be better for it. This is why I will be voting for Dele Adesina SAN in the forthcoming Bar Election as the President of the Nigerian Bar Assosiation.

God bless you for your attention and do extend my best regards to your loved ones.

Yours truly,
Dr Kenneth Okonkwo
(Andy Okeke)