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Nigeria’s Tax System Should Be Strengthened – Dr. Abiola Sanni

A Fiscal Federalism Expert, a lawyer and a lecturer in University of Lagos, Dr. Abiola Sanni, is asking the Nigerian government to strengthen the nation’s tax system.
He said that the tax system at the moment focused more on employed people than those that put their finance outside the country.
Mr Sanni stressed the need for the government to ensure that people who keep their finances outside Nigeria pay their tax.
He gave his opinion on Nigeria’s tax system on Channels Television’s programme, Sunrise Daily.
He advocated for a system that would be able to trace those moneys and remit them into the right account. he was of the opinion that technological tools that would aid the tracing of such funds.
“With technology it is easier to trace,” he said.
He also added that with individuals’ Bank Verification Number, remitting of tax payments would be easier and better for the development.
Source : Channels Television News