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IT WAS WORTH IT – Charles Ajiboye, FICMC

Charles Ajiboye, FICMC

Revered Seniors and Beloved Colleagues,

We do things for more than one reason. And even when we don’t get to ‘The End’ in the ordinary eye, the the purpose of the script might have been achieved.

I’m deeply grateful to you for your love and support throughout the process.

Having 5,752 Distinguished lawyers repose their confidence in me by way of votes is humbling. I will cherish it forever.

We fought without a regular structure, caucus, or platform. We fought with the strength of friendship, of family and of the sincere desire to serve. We chose to be innovative and creative and to enjoy the electioneering. And we did.

Nothing will change in the way I have engaged with you in this period. I’m happy to continue to serve you in whatever way I can.

Let’s reach for more…because we can.

Charles Ajiboye,FICMC