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FG slams N50bn suit against Anambra over land

THE FEDERAL Govern­ment has slammed a N50 billion suit against Anambra State Government over the state’s purported revoca­tion of the 148.337 hectares of land at Amansea, Awka North Local Government of the state acquired for Fed­eral Government Sites and Services Scheme.
Suit No. SC 876/2015: The Attorney-General of the Federation of Nigeria as plaintiff and the Attorney- General of Anambra State as defendant, the Federal Government is seeking eight declarations including N50 billion for exemplary and aggravated damages suffered by her by the al­leged unconscionable ac­tions of the defendant.
The claim of the plaintiff as contained in the Writ of Summons signed by the reg­istrar of the court and dated November 9, 2015 is for “A declaration that the 148.337 hectares of land at Aman­sea, Awka North Local Gov­ernment Area, Anambra State, comprising Federal Government Sites and Ser­vices Scheme, Amansea/ Awka, was lawfully acquired by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the state government in 1992, under the Land Use Act of 1978 (as amended).
“A declaration that the Federal Government of Ni­geria had duly paid the re­quired compensation that was assessed to the knowl­edge of and active collabora­tion with the Anambra State government.
“A declaration that the Federal Government of Ni­geria had duly granted Stat­utory Rights of Occupancy to her Allotees and Develop­ment Partners, members of the public and original land owners to the knowledge of and active collaboration with the Anambra State government.
“A declaration that the purported revocation of the Federal Government of Ni­geria’s Rights and Interests over the said Federal Gov­ernment Sites and Services Scheme, Amansea/Awka, measuring 148.337 hectares of land, by the Anambra State government vide a public notice dated Septem­ber 1, 2014, is wrong, un­lawful, null, void and of no effect whatsoever as same is neither supported by any extant law in force in Nige­ria, nor done for any justifi­able reasons.
“A perpetual injunction restraining the Anambra state government whether by itself, it’s agents, servants, representatives, or privies, howsoever, from further in­terfering with the rights and interests of the Federal Gov­ernment of Nigeria and her allottees and development partners over the said Fed­eral Government Sites and Services Scheme, Amansea/ Awka.
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