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Court saves 38-year-old marriage from collapse

An Ikorodu Customary Court, Lagos, on Friday saved a-38-year-old marriage between Kuburat Idowu and Musiliu from collapse.
The President of the court, Mrs Omolara Abiola, was able to reconcile the couple after thorough counseling and family interventions.
In her judgment, Abiola ordered the respondent to write an undertaking that he would be of good behaviour.
“You are hereby warned to change your bad habits, which may terminate your marriage, henceforth, embrace peace and love each other forever,’’ She warned.
Kuburat , 59, a trader, had on June 6, urged the court to dissolve the marriage over her husband’s smoking habit , wife battery and threat to her life.
“He smokes a lot and when I caution him, he beats me to stupor.
“I built a house and he told me to give him the documents in respect of the property, which I did but I later learnt that he wanted to sell it.
“He usually beat me with weapons, I am tired of this marriage, please separate us,’’ she implored the court.
Kuburat described her husband as stubborn and violent.
In his defence, however, the 69-year-old and father of six children, denied the allegations and pleaded with the court to save his marriage.
“Since I married a second wife, my wife had changed her attitude and she usually provoked me, but I am ready to amend my character.
“I also promise to stop smoking,’’ he told the court.