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You Can’t Bury Victims Of Murder By Security Agencies In Mass Grave Without Investigation, IPOB Warns


 The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has warned the authorities of Federal Medical Centre Owerri and Aladimma hospital that it will not accept a mass burial of innocent Easterners brutally murdered by security agents.

It said that relations of such corpses must be allowed to identify them, after all, security agencies had earlier denied knowledge of their whereabouts.

In a press statement signed by the media and publicity secretary of the group Emma Powerful, it said it is against the culture and tradition of Igbo to bury identifiable people in mass gravies and warned the Medical Directors of the two hospitals about the consequences of such action.

Part of the statement read: “The mortuary of FMC Owerri is filled with corpses of innocent Biafran youths slaughtered by security forces in different parts of Imo State, and they now want to hurriedly bury them in mass grave. 

“What an affront to our culture and tradition, what an insult to the spirit of the dead and the bereaved families.

“We are, therefore,  warning the Chief Medical Directors, CMDs and the Management of these two hospitals as well as the Commissioner for Health,  Imo State to quickly jettison this plan. 

“It is inhuman to bury the victims in a mass grave when their owners are still searching for them. The security agencies have always denied being in the custody of the victims after abducting them only for their corpses to be dumped at the FMC mortuary. 

“Some of the Biafran youths abducted by security agents in Imo State were taken to various secret cells in the North where they are now languishing under severe and inhuman torturing”.

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, the statement said “cannot order for the mass murder of our youths in cold blood and also bury them in a mass grave without investigations. His game plan to curry more favour from his Fulani slavemasters with the untimely death and mass burial of Biafra youths cannot work!”

The group called for a proper and independent investigation of how the mortuary of FMC Owerri suddenly got filled up with the so-called abandoned corpses, adding: “This is a ploy to cover up genocide going on in Imo State by Nigeria security agents in collaboration with Gov. Hope Uzodima. Hope Uzodimma extended his hand of attacks and killings in Anambra State to receive a reward from Fulani.

“We have come to the knowledge that Uzodinma and his fake ESN and unknown gunmen he created to intimidate our people in Anambra State has been exposed and he must pay for his evil thinking he can implicate divine movement like IPOB.