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Why we took NCC to court, by MTN

TELECOMMUNICATION giant MTN yesterday said it took the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to court over the N780billion fine imposed on it over subscriber identity (SIM) card registration infractions because of its belief in the long term sustainability of its business in the country.
Reaffirming its long-term commitment to its stakeholders, including 63 million customers, employees, vendors, partners and consultants in the country, it said the decision to seek judicial determination of the fine was also in line with due process and deference to the rule of law.
In a statement, the Human Resources & Corporate Services Executive, Amina Oyagbola, said that the N780 billion fine has potential dire consequences for the company and stakeholders, as well as the entire Nigerian telecommunications industry.
She said being a significant contributor in Nigeria, MTN has an obligation to protect the interests of its ecosystem of millions of Nigerians who are directly and indirectly affected by its business operations and continuity.
The decision to seek judicial determination was reached after careful consideration of all factors, including extensive attempts at a sustainable resolution, she said.

“It is important to state that seeking judicial determination was a last resort. We hold the Nigerian government, its national objectives, laws and regulations in the highest regard.”
She said notwithstanding the action, the company will continue to engage with the authorities in an effort to reach an amicable resolution in the interest of all stakeholders.
Through its operations, she added, MTN has grown to become the largest gross domestic product (GDP) contributor in the non-oil sector, at approximately 4.5 per cent. “We are grateful for the patronage, partnership, determination and hard work of everyone who has made it possible for MTN to become what we are today.  We recognise the magnitude of the responsibility we bear and are committed to supporting our key stakeholders to enable continued sustainable economic development and vibrant, connected communities through ICT,” she said.
MTN remains committed to being a partner in national development and an investment ambassador for Nigeria, Ms. Oyagbola said.