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WHY I CHOSE DELE ADESINA SAN – Owoniseola Michael Snr.,Esq.

I have over the years been following the track records of NBA Executives and those who did excellently well during their tenures and among those I find interesting is the man Dele Adesina SAN.This man is a blessing to NBA looking at all he did when he was NBA General Secretary and NBA Chairman, Ikeja Branch. Dele Adesina has over the years distinguished himself to be a true bar man by standing up for young lawyers, female lawyers and the old wigs whenever the need arises. Dele Adesina SAN is also a man that is very humble and has listening ears and that is an attribute of a good leader. Some may want to say he is humble only because of the NBA elective position he is vying for, but we all know that this man was humble long before vying for NBA General Secretary and also remains humble after he emerged. The facts on this speaks for itself and the records are also there for all to see. The man Dele Adesina SAN did wonders when he was the NBA General Secretary under the leadership of Wole Olanipekun SAN, he fought for so many lawyers and made sure that the Bar and the Bench are been protected. If this great man could do great wonders while serving as NBA General Secretary, if given the chance to lead now he will definitely do greater things. I want us to know that all the candidates vying for the position of the NBA president are eminently qualified, no doubt, but the question I asked myself before choosing Dele Adesina SAN are:who among the NBA Presidential candidates can re-establish the confidence of Lawyers in this democratic era? 
Who has participated in the fight for Rule of Law?

Who has made statements before now condemning bad government policies and fought against breaches of the Fundamental Rights of Nigerian citizens at large?
Who has fought for the general wellbeing of Lawyers before now? 
Who will his policies not just give welfare alone but also protect  both young and senior lawyers?
Who will secure the future of the Bar?
Who is not taking Lawyers on a political ride?

After asking myself all these questions and Looking at all the candidates vying for the position of the NBA president, I come to realize that Dele Adesina SAN is the only candidate who stands out.Finally, Dele Adesina SAN is a man that will put in all his effort to bring out the best no matter the challenges. Hence, I stand and support Dele Adesina SAN as the next NBA President

Owoniseola Michael Snr.,Esq.