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There is no doubt that all lawyers belong to a noble profession and that also means that NBA is a noble Association since all lawyers in Nigeria belongs to NBA. Now,  as lawyers who belong to a noble profession and association, in choosing our NBA President we need to know that we must go for the best. All the candidates for NBA President are qualified, but one among them is more qualified and that is Dele Adesina SAN.

Dele Adesina is more qualified not because he is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN) but because he has the experience, quality and capability. Dele Adesina SAN has over the years being an active member of the Bar and has contributed greatly to the development of our laws and the Bar. His name is among those who had engraved their names to the commitment and fight for the Rule of Law and that is what made him the best. The other two candidates might have also done one or two things for lawyers and NBA, but not like Dele Adesina SAN who has over the years been fighting the cause of lawyers and NBA.  I also want us to know that just as every association needs a leader with vision and experience to move forward, so also is NBA.

There is no association that can move forward if the leader does not have vision and not fully abreast with the system of that association, as experience is very sacrosanct. Among the candidates vying for the Presidential seat, some has the vision but lack the experience and some the experience but lack vision and that again makes Dele Adesina SAN the only candidate more qualified for the seat as he has both. So let’s give honour to who honour is due by supporting Dele Adesina SAN, the best candidate.

Owoniseola Michael Snr., Esq.

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