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Where I become your Assistant General Secretary, I will open up a conversation with the General Secretary to explore and  test-run the practicability and possibility of the issuance of ‘e-digital stamps’, to our members, whilst weighing the cost implication and considering the security features in order to avoid production of fake stamps. These test-run digital stamps could serve as complimentary stamps to members who pay their BPF within the 1st – 10th of January of every year, as a token of appreciation to lawyers.


It is no news that technology is the new today and all spheres of the economy have to welcome it. The NBA inclusive. One of the major needs and issues of members is the application and issuance of stamps as at when due, I bring to you a feed-back solution.

I am committed to the improvement of the Secretariat, if elected, one of the creative innovations I would propose is the “TRACK YOUR STAMP” feature, upon submission of a stamp application, members should receive an acknowledged notification from the secretariat by email or text message; members should equally have the option of tracking the progress of their stamp application either through the NBA website or mobile app with a log-in on their personal profile.

Whilst lawyers still  face the difficulty in the procurement of stamps; delay in its production and delivery, expiration date and the cost; if elected I will work with the General Secretary to proffer lasting solutions to this reoccurring problem and  ensure timely delivery of members stamp.

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