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In a bid to deliver better services to her members, individual satisfaction should be a top priority for any association worth its salt and technology thus makes this much easier.

The rise of technological development, represents a wide trend in the expertise landscape; many technological advancements are being tailored narrowly to suit the needs of specific purposes. If elected Assistant General Secretary, I will support the General Secretary to restore the confidence of our members in the National Secretariat and its abilities to deliver when it matters.

There is no gainsaying that an association must strive to always keep her members satisfied, therefore there is the need to clasp technology that will enhance modernity. I therefore propose that if elected Assistant General Secretary, with your agreement, I will advocate for the development of an ‘OFFICIAL NBA MOBILE APP’, the app will serve as an abridged version of the National Secretariat; there by availing members the opportunity to own the secretariat by having the secretariat in their pocket. It will be living the new order, where members can interface virtually with the secretariat, access the major deliverables of the national secretariat digitally from their comforts.

An application that can be downloaded by android users on play store and IOS users on apple store; will be breaking the norm, creating an interface, a bond, establishing a relationship between lawyers, members of the association, branches, Judiciary, Judicial officers and the national secretariat. It will bridge the invisible gap between the members and the national secretariat.

The World has gone global and digital, thus NBA, its secretariat and her 125 branches can become one global village by virtue of technology. I bring to the table technological advancements if you elect me as your Assistant General Secretary. If we can conclude banking transactions, pay bills, subscriptions on the go on time, every time, anytime then why can’t we resolve some of our secretariat needs by the introduction of an NBA mobile application servicing its members.

If elected; I will crave for the development of the NBA mobile Application, it is the least the NBA can do as an association; government agencies such as Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC], Nigerian Immigration Services, National Identity Management Commission [NIMC], Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps [NSCDC] and Nigerian Custom Service [NCS] etc all have mobile app, up and running.

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