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The news of the death of Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajana, the Chief Judge of Kogi State was not only shocking but extremely painful for so many reasons.

First, Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajana was aged only 64 years old. Going by God’s own calendar, he still has many more years to live. Second, Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajana was a very outstanding Judicial Administrator having been appointed as an acting Chief Judge in 2008 and the substantive Chief Judge of Kogi State in 2009. Third, I was privileged to be one of his personal friends having been able to relate very well with him and shared fellowships at several meetings of the Distinguished Body of Benchers. The Learned Chief Judge called me by my first name, Dele.

Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajana was a very forthright, fearless and independent-minded Judge. He delivered his Judgments without fear or favour, affection or ill-will in accordance with his Oath of Office either as a Judge of the regular Courts or as Chairman of Election Petition Tribunals. As a Life Member of the Distinguished Body of Benchers, he attended the Body’s meeting diligently.

To the late Honourable Chief Judge, service was not only a duty but also the very essence of life. He would be surely missed by the Government and people of Kogi State, the members of the Nigerian Bar Association in Kogi State, who held His Lordship in very high esteem, the Honourable Members of the Body of Benchers, and the entire legal community because of his amiable personality, his contributions to our legal jurisprudence and his service to humanity. I am sure he will live in our hearts for many years; and to live in the hearts of men is not to die.

I pray that the gentle soul of Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajana rests in perfect peace.


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