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The Seasons of Law As A Business
The interpretation/application of this topic will differ slightly depending on the stage you are in life. The principle is however the same.

Law Business, like most things, has undefined, but sure Seasons.
The seasons for law businesses are similar to those that regular businesses face.

The reason we turn out differently is as a result of our appreciation of the different seasons, and the actions we take per time.
The categorization are mine and are not cast in stone, neither are they empirical, but they will surely provide you with some clarity.


Lawyers 5years post call, and below largely occupy this category.
The beginning is always so bleak, whether you are in employment or just starting your Law Business.
Most people are unsure of where they’ll be hired, which job to pick, where and when clients will come, what to specialize on etc. Many get desperate and agitated and as such make wrong choices. Clarity is not certain here, but patience will help a lot. Consistency is key.

The discipline not to compare yourself with others is key. Sometimes the direction is not so clear in which case, trial and error is not out of place at this time.
It’s the time to be most flexible, fluid and adventurous.

Stage 2 – LEARNER

Most lawyers between 6 and 15years post call fall into this category.

I know you will worry about my use of the word Learner. They are learners because this is the stage of a degree of clarity and mastery.
At this time the Law Business takes a shape in the mind. You will naturally see clearer.
It’s the time your law business will face a lot of different twists. Time of Boom and of Doom. Mistakes and solutions. Huge and landmark leaps etc. All of them will teach you so much.
You will become familiar with workplace politics, professional manipulations, people brouhaha ? and more

Stage 3 – MASTER

This is the stage I call MASTER stage.
This is the season of Mastery. Usually for lawyers between 16 and 25 years post call.
At this stage, you will have either mastered excellence or mediocrity. You will either have clarity or be a societal nuisance. This analysis is not to create any form of fear. It should rather be a guide.

It also applies to the Law Business as much as it applies to the practitioner.
Once your practice survives to this season you will be on another level. It will be a long journey here. But if you make it. You’ll be happy.
The next season is on another level

Stage 4 – VETERAN
Usually they are Lawyers between 25 and 35 years post call.

Once you make it this far you should be a Veteran.

It’s a category of people and Law Businesses that have paid their dues long enough to get into what I call the auto mode.
[ At this stage you shouldn’t be everywhere.

You should have a brand. A name. A style.

People and Clients should know your Unique Selling Point.

You should not be compared with any other lawyer or law business.

Those who come to you should know why it has to be you.
This is the time when you have become an institution. You are fully formed. You have literally seen it all.
You are done experimenting. You already know what works for you and what doesn’t. Most people at this stage are only repeating processes.


And your guess is as good as mine. The explanation is not too far from the heading.
It is about the richness of the individual’s life, including what that person accomplished and the impact he or she had on people and places
This is the Season we were all created for. In fact, it is the season we all should live in from the beginning of our Career till the end.

It is the essence of our being. It is he who lives for others that truly lives.
Many people will wonder why i always address us all as ‘Greats’.

First is how i define the word GREAT or GREATNESS.

It is the personification of a life that succeeds for the good of others.

By this i mean, that the word ‘Great’ defines a person who pursues success, victory, growth, positions e.t.c ONLY for the ultimate good of others.
Considering that MAN is by default selfish, it is difficult to believe that a human being can be the kind of person that i described above.

But it is possible. It however has to be intentional. it requires a high level of consciousness.
Those who’s Law Business have entered into this Season should have RESTED.

I see some people in this season who still push and struggle. Apparently because they have become addicted or used to pushing.

It is wisdom to know when you are here and move to the next big thing which is to keep giving and giving till you give up.

That’s the vanity of life. We push hard to get so much, only to stand still and either give it all away, or leave it all to chance.
You see, life always, and will always present us with choices, and the ones we make or fail to make will make or mar us.
As you go through your own seasons as a Law Business Owner and/or as a Legal Practitioner, understand that you will come through different seasons and phases.

Your job is to maximize each one. Learn as much as you can per season. Some seasons will require from you the lessons of the former.

Some will however require you to UNLEARN the experiences of the former, while sometimes you will have to RELEARN on a different scale, something you have learnt before.

But by all means STAY WOKE.

I do hope this has been worth your time.

The above article was culled from Law as Business Forum
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