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The Sad Fire Incident On 3 Law Offices Belonging To Some Of Our Learned Friends From The NBA Yola Branch Is A Monumental Loss | Adesina Adegbite Commiserates with Colleagues

The sad loss of 3 Law Offices belonging to some of our Learned friends & members of the NBA Yola Branch is sad and most unfortunate. It is such a monumental loss, and my prayer is that may the Almighty Allah replenish our colleagues’ most painful losses in manifold. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to them. 

I also pray alongside other members of the Yola Branch and the NBA in general, that such incident never occurs again. A sad occurrence like this makes it instructive for us (Legal Practitioners) to pay attention to any instance that may result in such harm befalling any of our members again. 

To my learned brothers, Yakubu Sambo, JK Zarma and Galadima, I pray that in the nearest future when you look back to this event, it would be with thanksgiving and a larger edifice. In comradeship, I extend my highest regards to the Chairman, Officers and Members of the NBA Yola Branch. May we not experience such calamity within our ranks again by the grace of God.

Ade Adegbite Esq, FICMC (AA)
Past NBA National Welfare Secretary