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THE ILLEGALITY OF ADOPTION – By Success Oghosa Osaretin

Success Oghosa Osaretin

Adoption is the “statutory process of terminating a child’s legal rights and duties towards the natural parents and substituting similar rights and duties towards adoptive parents” (Black’s Law Dictionary)

It is no longer news of the incessant kidnap of children these days for various purposes and one of such, is for illegal adoption. A child can be kidnapped in one state and taken to another state for illegal adoption to couples looking for children. The boy child is at a higher risk because of our preference for male children in this part of the world. Some couples who are in need of a child to call their own will go any length to get one no matter the consequences.

 Also, as a result of the strenuous process and bottlenecks that come with legal adoption, we have a large number of children in orphanages waiting to be adopted. 

Adoption of children is not only for couples in need of a child to call their own, I highlighted some other reasons for adoption on my LinkedIn page (visit my Linkedin profile, Success Oghosa Osaretin). There is a proliferation of adoption applications recently for several reasons and this has led to increase in the activities of baby factories. 

We have adoption laws in Nigeria but many are not rightly informed hence, miscreants are taking undue advantage to make money. Adoption has a due process and though cumbersome, is to ensure that the child is in safe hands. 

For an adoption to be termed legal adoption, a court has to give an order to that effect. The court can also invalidate same order once it is of the opinion that such was obtained fraudulently or the adoption process was influenced. Adoption by a single parent must be same sex to avoid sexual abuse.  A thorough investigation is usually done to ensure that the Applicant has the best interest of the child. 

Child adoption should not be frowned at by the public because of the legal process involved but rather, the help of a Professional should be sought before commencing an adoption process. It is better to go through this process with the help of a Professional once and for all, than go through an illegal route and being caught in the web.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. It is therefore advisable that professional advice be sought when taking any step.

Success oghosa Osasogie is a Lawyer and Professional Voluteer

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