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Rape is one of the oldest crimes in
human history. Rape is a crime in all countries of the world but definition and
punishment differ from place to place. It has also been noticed that rape cases
are reported more in the Western world than many other parts of the globe. For
example, in Africa and Asia, rape victims usually lack the courage to speak out
or report their experiences to the law enforcement agencies due to negative societal
attitude prevalent in such climes. Rape thrives in secrecy and in a culture
where victims are even blamed for what happens to them, instead of the
However, in attending to this all-time important subject, I have
decided to break it down, both in terms of the language and style of writing.
The lecture is written in simple language, devoid of technical words and
phrases as well as legal citations and where citations are given, they are
minimal. My experience over the years has made me know that a topic of this
nature will be better understood, if prepared and delivered in a
question-and-answer manner. That is exactly what I am doing today. I have
formulated 50 questions, covering all the crucial aspects of the subject of
discussion and have also provided answers to them in accordance with the
position of the Nigerian law, while references are made to foreign
jurisdictions only when necessary.
1.     What is rape?

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