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Police arrest two officers for mounting roadblocks in Bayelsa

Two officers working in the Bayelsa State Police command have been arrested for mounting roadblocks against the directive of the Force Headquarters.
It was gathered that the new state’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi, ordered the arrest of the unidentified indicted officers following an investigation.
Ogunjemilusi, who confirmed the arrest at the weekend said it would send strong message to other officers and men of the police in the command.
He reiterated that roadblocks had been cancelled across the country including Bayelsa by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP).
He said the arrested officers would be sanctioned adding that they could be demoted to serve as deterrent to others.
He said the police were only allowed to adopt targeted or sporadic stop-and-search aimed at specific crime in policing the highways.
The police boss said he had passed an instruction that any person who stops a vehicle must write detailed reports about his discoveries.
He said: “Roadblocks have been cancelled by the IGP and I am here to declare to you that in Bayelsa State also roadblocks have been cancelled.
“What is permitted is targeted stop and search aim at specific crime or a sporadic one aimed at preempting some criminal elements based on information. It is not the usual blocking the road and checking vehicles anyhow.
Source : The Nation 
“I have passed the instruction that any such vehicle stopped henceforth must be recorded. You must write a report about the vehicle, the number, colour and why you stopped it.
“Every man on the road must come back every evening and make that report. If you are not able to do that, it means you have gone on an illegal duty and you will be sanctioned. I came about a week ago. Already we have arrested two officers.”