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I refer to a recent write up by Mr. Aderemi Oguntoye (Mr. Olumide Akpata’s Accredited Agent at the ECNBA Situation room) wherein he vehemently and disrespectfully emphasized that Mr. Dele Adesina (SAN) prepared to fail at the just concluded controversial NBA national elections. The said write-up calls for concern on many grounds. Of particular interest (in respect of ground) here is the absence of key Yoruba value of respect for elders.

Generally, as of ethical essence, in the choice of words at points of direct reference to elders, the Yoruba carefully pick words that will maintain reservation—indicating respect—while points intended to be passed across are delivered in the speaker’s favor. The third to the last sentence in Mr. Aderemi Oguntoye’s write-up is for emphasis. He wrote, and I quote: “the fellow (referring to Mr. Dele Adesina SAN) does not wish to ‘go into oblivion’ without some noise”.

These words are very heavy and dishearteningly disrespectful. Let Mr. Aderemi Oguntoye and those who share the above stated view emboss it on their minds that Mr. Dele Adesina (SAN) cannot and will not go into oblivion. Even though he is not the president elect in the just concluded controversial election, his impact in the course of the NBA’s administrative history, locally and nationally, is indelible. He stands tall and gallant, remaining undepleted in exemplary posture and undeniable capacity as an experienced administrator. Of course, the election warranted opposition playing down roles which Mr. Dele Adesina has played in the life of the NBA—an overture which, of political calculus, is a bid to paint his actual value and administrative capacity in insignificant grey shades.

For the painters of insignificant grey shades and visionaries of an impossible DASAN plunge into the oblivion, I leave them all to reflect on an extensive Yoruba proverb which states that “if a market suddenly closes down, the crowd will be left scattered here and there; however, the real buyers will remain and also the real traders who have presented and spread their goods on market tables and grounds for sale”. Simply put, principal stakeholders, of which Mr. Adesina is a fundamental part, will remain significant and impactful in the life and course of the highly esteemed Nigerian Bar Association.

I must conclude by reminding the youths of today that the position of elder awaits them, God preserving our lives. The insult thrown at elders today will be rewarded with greater measure by the youths of tomorrow. Aderemi Oguntoye still has a golden opportunity to rewrite his story. He that has ears let him hear.

Olumide O. Okunmakinde Esq.


  1. Please tell the author of this piece to go and sit down. It is the introduction of all these silly sentiments that were never part of the profession that has brought it to its knees today. Adesina SAN would never have made a worthy NBA president universal suffrage will prove that over and over. We knew his antecedents the last time he contested. It was this same show of bitterness. Author please leave the young man alone.

  2. Why do we deceive ourselves this much?
    In politics you have a winner and losers. If details are given by an insider, why contest it?
    The election has come and gone. Can we get focused on creating a new bar that works for all? Our President-elect has promised to do so.
    Wish him luck and wait for the next election in 2022..

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