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Nigerians in diaspora reject CCT act amendment

The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Scandinavia, Ayoola Lawal has described the ongoing attempt by the senate to amend the Code of Conduct Tribunal Act as a shameful and illegal act that must be resisted by all means.
He made this known on Monday in a  press statement, stressing that members of the Red Chamber cannot be talking about amendment of the CCT Act when the present administration is fighting the main scourge of Nigeria, corruption, by all means.
Ayoola noted that many constitutional lawyers have remarked that the project is dead on arrival because it is a constitutional matter and ‘the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria cannot be amended by an act of the National Assembly.
Ayoola quoted one of the senior lawyers saying: “The sections they are trying to amend are clearly stated in the constitution and could only be reviewed through a legally acceptable constitution amendment process.”
The Chairman, APC Scandinavia, also quoted a statement credited to Senator Biodun Olujimi (PDP-Ekiti State) on an online news source, during the second reading of the bill last Thursday.
According to Ayoola, Olujimi said: “If you don’t assist your neighbor when his house is burning, it will extend to yours.”
However, APC chief noted that the statement credited to Olujimi further confirmed the sentiment in the air that the senate are trying to suddenly change the law to save the senate president, Senator Bukola Saraki, who has been standing trial for alleged asset declaration.
“It is a pity that such a comment could be credited to someone who claimed to be defending the mandate of his people and the integrity of the Nigerian state.
“It will be insane for anyone to try to save just a neighbor when an entire institution that is a pillar to the nation will be under siege in such attempt. Such a statement calls for the appropriate authority and the citizens to put such a person or group of people under watch.
“If the other members of the Nigerian senate can not stop the peddlers of the illegal act who are smearing the image of the senate of Nigeria, we will take the appreciate steps to in filing a case against them before the international community which Nigeria is a signatory member on such related matters.
“Meanwhile, I implore we citizens to keep eyes on the people at the helms of affairs who are trying to take us backward wasting taxpayer’s money and playing politics devoid of morality and common sense.
“Nigeria deserves men of integrity and honor with the fire of patriotism in the helms of affairs of legislation and across the board and not otherwise. God bless Nigeria,” he maintained.
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