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Nigerian pilgrims warned against illegal movement in Saudi Arabia

Nigerians on Holy pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, particularly women have been warned against illegal movement in Madina and Makkah.
Chairman of the Preachers Team from Kaduna State, Malam Mukaddas Zaria gave the warning in Madina while addressing pilgrims on their conduct in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night.
He said, report reaching officials had it that pilgrims, particularly female allow strange men, most of whom are illegal residents of Saudi to lead them around the two cities.
According to him; “in the name of going to install gold or silver plated teeth, some of our pilgrims follow strange men around. And when they get their unlawful men touch their bodies in the process of putting the golden teeth for them.
“Besides, installation of gold or silver plated teeth is mostly done to show people at home that you have gone for Hajj. Is it not better for you to perform Hajj without showing off? He queried.
He however advised that, henceforth, any female pilgrim who desires installation of gold or silver plated teeth should look for her state official guide, particularly those who understand Arabic Language to accompany her to the dental clinic.
“If you go on such journey alone, and you allow yourself to be molested by bad elements, you are as good as someone who deliberately commits sin in the Holy Land, those whom the Prophet had cursed. May Allah guide us against such,” he prayed.
He however urged the pilgrims in general to maximise their opportunity of being in the Holy Land by praising God and asking for forgiveness at all times.
According to him, pilgrims are not in the Holy Land for tourism; therefore, they must take advantage of their presence in Saudi Arabia to pray at the Prophet Mosque in Madina and Holy Kaaba in Makkah.
“The Prophet, may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, said whoever observes 40 prayers in his Mosque in Madina, he will ask for forgiveness for the person on the day of judgment,” Mukadas stressed.
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