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Lawyer seeks court order forcing EFCC to probe Chime

An Enugu-based lawyer,Mr. Ray Nnaji has brought before a Federal High Court sitting in Enugu, a Motion on Notice seeking an order of mandamus on the Economic Financial Crime Commission,EFCC,to investigate alleged gross misconduct and financial recklessness by the past administration of former Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State.
Joined in the suit are Chime’s sons Nnamdi and Tochukwu,his former Chief of Staff, Ifeoma Nwobodo,his brother,Jide Chime, sister May Orji, Enugu PDP state chapter Chairman,Ikeje Asogwa, Accountant General of Enugu State and Code of Conduct Bureau.
Nnaji in a petition to EFCC alleged that,”Chime misappropriated public funds worth N12.8 billion and forged the supplementary appropriation law 2012.
“Chime allocated the former Polo park in Enugu which is a public property to a South Africa company owned Shoprite and Games, a company,Chime has an interest through a proxy. Chime using a proxy,owns substantial shares or equities in the said South African company.
“The old Trade Fair Complex in Enugu State was also partitioned and arbitrarily allocated to family members and cronies. In breach of his oath of office and in abuse of his office, Chime allocated the old Eastern Region Industrial Layout,Zik Avenue,property of Enugu State to a company fronted by his second son,Tochukwu Chime without public bidding.
“Chime also in abuse of his office,arbitrarily allocated to himself and family members,a substantial portion of Enugu State Conference centre car park and all adjoining lands, and acquisition was done without invitation to the public to apply and the illegally acquired plots of land have been largely built upon by the governor’s relations including Nnamdi,Tochukwu Chime and his younger brother Jide Chime and his elder sister May Orji is not left out.
“Chime also secretly and fraudulently sold to himself the Hotel Presidential Enugu,Enugu State Water Corporation,his private residence at M9 Independence Layout Enugu.”