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Give Fair Hearing To Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho, CAN Tells FG


Christian Association of Nigeria (

ONITSHA – Christian Association of Nige­ria (CAN) has urged the Fed­eral Government to implore dialogue in the current cases of agitation in the country.

Anambra state chapter of CAN called on the Federal Gov­ernment to give a fair hearing to the different agitators for self-determination like Nnam­di Kalu and Sunday Igboho, insisting that dialogue is the best approach towards unity and justice.

Reacting to the security sit­uation of the country, the asso­ciation frowned at the activities of the Security Agencies who mount on roadblocks where they extort money and intimi­date the populace and appealed to the Federal Government to look into this situation for a better society.

CAN expresses dismay over the gruesome murder of many innocent Nigerians, occasioned by the incessant attacks of Fu­lani herdsmen and unknown gunmen in various locations across the country.

It stated this in their commu­nique during their State Exec­utive meeting, which was held on Wednesday, August 11 at Emmanuel Anglican Church, Onitsha, Anambra State.

Signed by CAN state chair­man, Ven. Joseph Nweke, the communique urges the chief security officers of the federa­tion and at the state level to step up efforts in taming the tide.