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COSON slams Big Joe with N500m law suit

Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), under the umbrella of its initiative, Operation No Hiding Place, has filed a copyright infringement action against Benin City-based transport company, Big Joe Ventures Ltd. Also joined in the suit is Mr. Joseph Osayende, Managing Director of the company.
Commenting, COSON Chairman, Tony Okoroji said: “Nigerian law is not a piece of artwork to be admired. It is made to be respected and obeyed by all. For years they have been reminded over and over again to act within the law. Some of them however believe that Nigeria is a place where there is no consequence for what you do so they treat the law with scorn. We assure them that they will find out that they are wrong. It is well known all over the world that you cannot deploy intellectual property belonging to someone else in your business without a licence. That is the linchpin of most strong economies in the world today but there are many in Nigeria who rake in millions from exploiting the works of creative people but show absolute contempt for the rights of the same creative people. We are committed to bringing that to an end.”

In suit No. FHC/B/CS/153/15, filed at the Federal High Court, Benin City, on June 30, COSON is asking for a declaration that the act of the Big Joe Ventures and Joseph Osayende is an infringement of the rights of the Plaintiff as guaranteed by the Copyright Act (Cap 28, LFN 2004)
COSON has also asked the court among others for the award of N500m in unpaid royalties and damages against Big Joe Ventures Ltd and Mr. Joseph Osayende.
Credit : The Sun