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There was a mild drama in the Ajegunle area of Lagos as a military officer stabbed a commercial bus driver in the forehead.
The incident, which happened on Wednesday, occurred when the
military, man who was riding a motorcycle, attempted to manoeuvre in between two buses a a hoodlum pulled the motorcycle from behind.
An eyewitness, identified as Kolawale, stated that the moment the rider screamed bloody civilian and got off the motorcycle, the hoodlum escaped from the scene.
Kolawale stated that the army officer instead of going after the fleeing hoodlum, barricaded the road with the machine and descended on the commercial bus driver.
The eyewitness further noted that the army officer ordered the driver out of the bus before flogging him with his horse whip, an incident which lasted for over 10 minutes.
Not satisfied with the beating, the military officer was said to have pulled out his knife with which he stabbed the victim in the forehead. This action was said to have angered people around who insisted he take the driver to the hospital.
“The military man wanted to carry the victim on his motorcycle but the crowd refused. They pointed to a hospital nearby and he had no choice but to obey the irate crowd,” Kolawale added.
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