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Afghanistan crisis: Nigeria’s peace, security must be preserved, says Nwabufo-led group

Afghanistan crisis: Nigeria’s peace, security must be preserved, says Nwabufo-led group

 by Vivian Chime 

Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) has called for the preservation of the country’s peace “at all costs” amid the Taliban’s takeover of power in Afghanistan.

In a statement on Tuesday, Fredrick Nwabufo, convener of JUN, said the events of the past few days in Afghanistan, despite decades of military support by powerful countries, should serve as a lesson to Nigeria.

Nwabufo said all hands must be on deck if Nigeria must surmount the challenges it currently faces with terrorism and insecurity. 

”The usurpation of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan and the ensuing turmoil in the country despite decades of military support by powerful countries is a caution to all on why peace-loving citizens must defend and preserve Nigeria’s peace and security,” he said. 

‘’The events in the country recently call for patriots to rise up and hold the fort. We cannot palliate the enormity of the challenges that confront us as a people today. We have come to a point where all citizens, statesmen and women, young and old, must hold out hands and forge a common fist to deal with these existential threats.”

Nwabufo reminded Nigerians that the country belongs to everyone and it takes collective effort to steady the ship. 

He said although groups in the country have the right to seek secession, it should be done peacefully within the confines of the constitution, and should not lead to any form of violence. 

‘’Nigeria is ours. Nigeria is worth fighting for. As a peace and national unity advocate, Association of Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) better known as Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) calls on all Nigerians and critical stakeholders in the country to make the pursuit of peace at this tempestuous epoch in our evolution a bounden duty,” he said.

‘’JUN, a group committed to peace-building, national cohesion and progress, notes the agitations for secession in some sections of the country. While it is within the rights of anyone to agitate and seek self-determination, violence and coercion in any form, should not be part of any righteous advocacy. 

‘’We must denounce violence in all forms by all actors. Violence should not be found among civilised human species. Violence achieves nothing but death, broken bones, and spilled blood. When agitations result in loss of lives and property, the state naturally will move to restore order.”

Nwabufo appealed to all Nigerians to prioritise the country’s unity, peace and security.

He advised governments at all levels to employ peace-building initiatives and dialogue where necessary and when practicable.

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