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$2.1b arms cash: Panel invites 241 firms, others

No fewer than 241 companies, individuals and organisations are to appear before the Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA) over contracts awarded by the office between 2011 and 2015. Those who fail to appear risk being embarrassed, the office warned yesterday.
ONSA, in an advertorial in this newspaper, said the companies and representatives of the organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) must appear before its Contracts’ Verification Committee between January 12 and 26. It issued the directive following these companies’, NGOs’ and individuals’ failure to heed the earlier call on them to report at the committee.
On the list are aircraft manufacturers, automobile companies and others.
They are to appear with: certificate of incorporation, particulars of directors, company tax clearance certificates and directors’ from 2011 to date, letter of award of contracts, evidence of payment so far, outstanding balance and any other documents considered relevant to the contract, such as certified bank statements.
Thirty companies are expected by ONSA Contract Verification Committee on January 12. They are: 2020 Nigeria Limited, 313 BDC Limited, A & Hatman Limited, A A Master Nigeria Limited, A and B Associate, Abbatare Inc., Abraham Telecommunication Limited, Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, Abusarhard Nigeria Limited, Acacia Holdings Limited, Ace of Wood Working Nigeria Limited and Africair Inc. Also on the list of those expected on January 12 are: Afro-Arab Investment Limited, Agabea Securities Limited, Agbede A. Adesina and Co, AGI Nigeria Limited, Ahjuwa Nigeria Enterprises, Air USA, AI Noor Travels and Tours, Albani Associates, Allaje Motors Limited,  Almond Project Limited,  AMAC Aerospace,  APC Axial, Appledrop Nigeria Limited,  Apt Securities Limited, AR Security Solution Limited, Arewa House,  ASECNA and Associate Air Centre.
The ONSA committee will interact with 30 companies, individuals and organisations on January 13.
They are:  Atlas Capital Sa, Autoforms Integrated Enterprises Limited, Autopoietic Telemetric Solutions Limited, Aviation Techni GMBH, Bam Project and Projecties,  Baron Limited, Bell Pottinger LLP, and Belley Corporation.
Also expected on that day are:  Belsha Nigeria Limited, Bergons Security Consulting & Supply Limited, Bilal Turnkey Contractors Limited, Biodun & Adekunle Idiagbon, Bluenory Limited, Bob Oshodin Org,Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Brains & Hammers Limited, Bureau Securitas Limited,  CAE Flight Training LLC and Cardiff Properties Limited.
Others are:  Centre Etiquette Protocal and Social Graces Limited, Centre for Regional Integration and Development, Cert Protection Agency, Circular Automobile Limited, CLD Global Concepts Limited, Clems Eze & Co, Codan Limited, Community Defence Law Foundation, Complus International Service Limited, Conella Services Limited and Coordinating Committee of Traditional Rulers.
To appear before the committee on January 14 are:  Core Comm Association of Traditional Rulers, Corart Ventures Limited, Crack Security Service Limited, Crenfact Ventures Limited, Cresco Limited, Damaris Mode Coulture Limited,  Dar’Alsalam Travels & Tours,  Dassault Falcon Service,  Da’Voice Bnetwork Solution Limited,  Debanto Consulting Co. Limited,  Development Strategy International Limited,  Dezign Zentrum Limited and DEX BDC.
Others are: Digital Inspiration Limited,  DM Communication Limited, Donpedro Medical Company Limited, Eastwise Trading, E-Force Interservice Limited,  Eivor Media Nigeria Limited,  Enviromental Engineering and Construction Limited,  Enviromental One Global Enterprise  and Enviromental, Engineering Construction Limited.
Also for January 14 are companies, such as:  Eric Ventures Limited, Fara Security Limited,Fimex Gilt Limited,First Aralac Global Limited, Fiz-Hyl Global Investment Limited, Fleetmeig HT W/A Limited, FlightSafety International and Foretech Investment Limited.
The committee is expecting also another 30 companies and NGOs on January 19. They are: Forts and Shields Limited, Forum for Protection of CNI, Forum for Protection of Critical National Infrastructure, GC Electronic Limited,  GDP Associate Limited,  General Hydrocarbons Limited, Geonel Integrated Service Limited,  Gerhard Rothhaupt, Geronimo Middle East & African Limited,  Geronimo System Limited,   GEW Technologies Limited,  Girl Child Concern,  Glenair Training Centre Limited, England,  Global Industrial and Defence Solution – Pakistan,  Global Structures,  Gold Reff Industries Nigeria Limited,
Goodyear Properties Limited and Gracepeace Ventures Nigeria Limited.
Others on the January 19 list are:  GTESC Limited,  Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation,  Halal Palace Ventures, Hamada Properties and Investment Co. Ltd, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Heintzmann Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, Helpline Organisation,  Hypertech (MR) Limited,  IB Casa, Image Axis Limited,  Imperial College Healthcare and Integrated Navigation Systems.
The committee will also verify the contracts of 30 compnies and orgamisations on January 20. They are:  International Res. Management Limited,  International Resources Management Co. Ltd,  Investment Option Limited,  ITSI-Bioscience, LLC, Jabbama Ada Global Nigeria Limited,  Jakadiya Picture Company,  Jawaz Multipurpose Ventures Limited,  JBE Multimedia Investment Limited and Jnzizi Investment Co. Limited.
Others are:  Kadawa Agro Products Limited, Kamala Motors Limited,  Kampus Suites Limited,  Kane Int. Limited,  Key Information Service Limited, Kitwood Nigeria Limited,  Kola Adejide & Associate,  Konet Limited,  La Kreem International Limited  and Laconso Global Gotechniks Limited.
The list also includes:  Lambstar Limited, Law Partner and Associates, Lazer Detct System 2010 Limited, Leaderette Nigeria Limited,  Leeman Communication Limited,  Lislie Tading Limited,  Little Italy Global Service Limited,  London Advertising Limited,  Loure Global Service Limited,  Maimakani Nigeria Limited and Makfab General Enterprises Nigeria Limited.
On January 21, the committee is expecting   Manara Development Project Limited,  Map Telecommunication Limited,  Marshall Aviation Service Ltd,  Max Air,  MCAF Associates,  Mithra – Oil Limited,  Moortown Global Investment,  MPS Global Services Limited,  Murtala Mohammed Foundation, Musim Venture Company Limited,  Muteedah  Travels & Tours Limited and Muzaq Investment Limited.
Also listed for January 21 are:   Mystrose Limited, NARICT, National Agency for Computer Security of Tunisia, Nerris Limited,  NIALS Research Fund,  Nigeria Guild Editors (NGE), Nigeria in Safe Hands,  Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Norden Global Resources Limited, Numora Multi-Trade,  O O Osuntokun and Co,  Obasa Specialty Vehicles, ODELL International LLC, OnePlus Holding Ltd,  Onile Nigeria Limited,  Ornyx Properties Limited,  Patton Boggs LLP and Peoples & Passion Consult Limited.
On the list of those to appear before the committee on  January 25 are: PHK International Co. Ltd, Pickel Holdingd and Investment LTD, Pioneer Ventures Limited, Pratt and Whitney, Canada, Pro-Avionics Limited, Proptex Nigeria Limited, Prosedec Inter Global Limited, Proton Security Service Limited, Quarter One Consulting Limited and Rajco Int. Ltd.
Others are: RECN Networks Limited, Real Property Investment Limited, Reliance Reference Hospital, Ripples Ventures Limited, Rolls Royce NA, Romix Technologies Limited, Rothhaupt GMGH, Safety Technologies Limited, Sanisah Communication Limited, Sanmilak Nigeria Limited, Sartoria Ventures, Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development, Seal Cahmbers, Scientel Limited, Secureforces Logistics Limited, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, Silk Resources Limited, SK Sawki, Sky Expert Nigeria Limited and Slyvan McNamara Limited.
On the list of those to appear before the committee on January 26 are: Societe D’Equipment Internationaux, Soject Nigeria Limited, Southerland Associates Limited, ST Aerospace Solutions, Denmark, Starbriid Limited, Starr Concrete Blocks & Properties Limited, Starepoint Integrated Service Limited, Stellavera De. Co. Limited, Tag Aviation S.A., TechDecision Limited, The Honda Place Limited, Tianjin Tianrong International Dev. Limited and Tosins and Co Limited.
Others are: Traditional Rulers of Nigeria, Trafiga Limited, Transgurara Nig. Ltd, Trim Communication Nigeria Limited, Tripple Kay Company Nigeria Limited, UCBK Motors, Value Trust Investment, Vibrant Resources Limited, VIG Limited, Wakaso Research and Consultancy Limited, WEHSEC Farms Limited, West Autos Solutions Enterprise, Westan Group Associates Limited, Westwood Motors Limited, White Zebu BDC, Wonder  Wheels Automobile Limited, Zamzam Option Limited and Zukhruf Nigeria Limited.
The ONSA also expects companies that have done contracts with the office but are not on the list to appear before its committee between 12 and 26.
The ONSA added that “the general public is pleased to note that companies or organisations that have received payments from ONSA between 2011 to 2015 which have not appeared before the committee and their names are not reflected in the list above, should please endeavour to appear before the committee anytime within the stated period at the office of the National Security Adviser’s Complex, 3 Arms Zone, Abuja”.
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