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After the affirmation by Lukman Usman Nuhu, Chairman, NBA Damaturu Branch, Yobe, that the rejoinder against the goodwill of the Arewa Lawyer’s Forum by some e-masked anti-DASAN agents is a fraudulent one, upon deep reflection on the drama centered on the attempt to harm Mr. Dele Adesina’s well deserved credit,  induced deep within was a reminiscence on three birds in Yoruba mythology. These birds are Lekeleke (Cattle Egret), Agbe (Woodcock), and Aluko (species of woodcock/toucan).
In the mythological account, by virtue of the good and blessed heads of these birds, they were enthroned as kings of three towns, Ikefun, Ikaro and Ikosun. However, there existed some dodgy  adversaries who plotted to smear these birds with ‘abawon’ to tarnish their garments of glory. They sprinkled plenty of efun (white chalk ) on Lekeleke bird, sprinkled plenty of aro (dye) on Agbe bird, and sprinkled plenty of  osun (camwood powder) on Aluko bird.  
In their mischievous motion, the adversaries were struck with igbagbe (absent mindedness). They were  unaware that Lekeleke was King of Ikefun land where efun is sourced, Agbe was King in the Ikaro land where aro is sourced; and Aluko was King in Ikosun land where osun (camwood powder) is sourced. Alas! Instead of the malicious activities of these birds’ adversaries to destroy the trio, their situation improved gloriously for the better.
This mythic scenario was reminiscent in thought by the drama of fraudulent rejoinder with intent to harm Mr. Dele Adesina’s credit and puncture team DASAN’S momentum in the 2020 NBA Presidential election race. It has only gotten better for Mr. Dele Adesina and his powerful momentum. For sure by Providential Grace, Dele Adesina’s progression will not diminish. He will safely arrive at the shores of success and national administrative excellence.

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