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‘I don’t believe in superstars

Organic food and foreign cars

I don’t believe the price of gold

The certainty of growing old

That right is right and left is wrong

That north and south can’t get along

That east is east and west is west

And being first is always best’ 


Do you know this song? Don Williams sang it years ago and for me, the song makes me look inwards when making decisions
Look at the reality of things. Can your candidate actually do all these things he has promised to do if elected? Does he even have the history of defending lawyers in the face of harassment? Amaka, think very well.
For my colleagues at Ilorin, Ikire, Abakaliki, Jalingo, etc (once you ain’t in Lagos or Abuja, you fall in this category. Don’t argue), how would your candidate help your legal practice with his policies?? You are jumping up and shouting for a candidate with jumbo sized multinational deals in his pocket and who probably you heard for the first time because of the elections yet you seem to have forgotten that your address on ‘no case submission’ is due by Monday. No be everybody dey do oil and gas or commercial transaction o. Think o.
Your candidate has laid claims to playing active roles in the NBA-SBL. Is it the NBA-SBL that requires annual subscription for membership and subscriptions for committee memberships? Is the NBA-SBL that you ain’t a member of? How is this different from the free seminars we see in the papers but which require registration fees? Idowu, why are you doing like this now? Be careful when a barefooted man offers u shoes.
Can your elitist client really identify with you? Yes, you. Are you not the one who struggles from Ikorodu to Igbosere everyday? Yes, your candidate pays juniors very well but then how is that commensurate with the rigours of waking up 4am everyday just for you to make it to work by 8am. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.
That your candidate has not been endorsed by any group or branch should get you worried. Is he a lone ranger? Is he that bad? My sister, wake up.
Do not sell your votes for a plate of porridge like Esau did. You owe the bar a duty to elect an experienced and cultured  President. You owe the bar a duty to ensure that it maintains its ideals and goals. We need a repositioning and not an overhaul. Nobody is more suited to achieve this than a candidate who has served as General secretary and who understands the terrain. Two years is too short to experiment.
Cast your vote for Dele Adesina SAN and join him in his quest at making our bar successful. 
I am Adeboye Oluwaseye Thompson and I write from the Ilorin branch of the NBA

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