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Tuesday, 25 December 2018


The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Owo branch, has urged Ondo State and the Federal Governments to declare a state of emergency on kidnapping on roads in Owo and across the country.

Its Chairman, Mr. Tajudeen Olutope Ahmed, said its members were worried about insecurity in Owo.

Ahmed, who stated this in a statement made available to The Nation, said the branch had vowed not to defend kidnap suspects.

He said the news of “armed gangs, gun running and kidnapping are now ubiquitous in every nook and cranny of the ancient city”.

According to him, all the major roads that lead to Owo “are infested with all forms of criminally minded men”.

Ahmed said: “We call on the Government of Ondo State and that of the Federal Government to complement the efforts of the police authorities in securing the roads.

“It is not in contention that security is a key component of the fundamental objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy of Government as enshrined in Section 14 (2) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (as altered).

“By the provisions of the above quoted section of the constitution, ‘the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government’.

“On our part, we hereby declare that no lawyer from our branch shall henceforth, defend anybody that is accused of kidnapping a fellow citizen. Kidnapping is a heinous crime. It is a horrendous offence in all ramifications. It is a grievous wrong against humanity.

“It is on this note that we hereby invite the government of Ondo State and that of the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency on kidnapping on Owo roads and that of the entire federation.”

The lawyer noted further that men of the underworld, regularly masquerade as “pseudo policemen, pseudo soldiers or Fulani herdsmen”, to kidnap people “from all the roads that lead to Owo.”

Source: The Nation

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Dare Akande A candidate for the 2nd vice-president NBA is a Quintessentisl bar man
He graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University in1990 and called to Bar in 1991. Between 1991 and 1992 He was the Legal Adviser to Fika Local Government in Yobe State.He worked with the Law Firm of Babatunde Oshilaja & Co between 1992 and 1993.   Between 1993 and 1997, He was with the Law Firm of Erasmus Bola Baderinwa & Co as Deputy Head of Chambers before setting up His own Law Office of Dare Akande & Co. in Ikeja.

In Ikeja he teamed up with other Progressive minded friends to effect a change of leadership  of the Ikeja branch of the Nigerian  Bar Association by   bringing in a people oriented executive that's how he earned the name leader because of the positive role he made to build up Ikeja branch to a foremost and amiable branch

  He severed at various times a member of the Welfare committee, the Human Rights Committee , the Continuous Legal Education Committee, and the Chief Gani Fawehinmi Annual Lecture / Symposium Committee of the branch. He served at various times as the Secretary of the Human Rights Committee, Professional Ethics & Disciplinary Committee  and the Welfare Committee of the branch. 

He was the Chairman of the Pro Bono Committee, Judicial Ethics & Monitoring Committee,  Human Rights Committee and the Chief Gani Fawehinmi Annual Lecture / Symposium Committee  of the Ikeja branch.         Served as member of the Local Organizing Committee of the NBA Annual conference held in Lagos. member of the Conference Planning Committee of the NBA annual conference held in Port Harcourt in 2006.  member of the NBA Committee on zoning of national offices.  He served as a member of the Constitutional Review and Law Reform Committee of the NBA.               

 At the executive level of the branch he served as the Publicity Secretary and the 1st Vice Chairman of the Ikeja branch. He was appointed a member of the Committee on the Review of the Lagos State Rent Edict in 2002 , and a member of the Public Complaints and Training Committee of the Lagos State Judiciary 2010-2012 and 2014-2017. In all the positions

He has been opportune to serve  ,  whether at the branch or the national level of the Nigerian Bar Association, or governmental level,  he his a performer creditably and used the opportunities  to garner experience for a day like this.
He would love to bring same experience  to the national NBA as 2nd vice-president.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

 Olayinka Oyeniyi Farounbi,Esq.

Olayinka Oyeniyi Farounbi, a candidate for the position of the Legal Adviser in the forthcoming elections of the NBA is a bar man per excellence. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws, LL.B in 1992 from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State and had his Barrister at Laws, B.L from the Nigerian Law School, Lagos in 1993 and he was subsequently called to the Bar the same year, 1993.  He had his Master of Laws, LL.M from the University of Lagos in 2006.

He did his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) with the Law firm of Fola Ajijola & Co in Ikeja, Lagos State between 1993/1994 service year. From 1995 to 1999, he worked as a Counsel in the Law firm of Olubunmi Oyewole & Co, now Justice of the Court of Appeal, Calabar Judicial Division. In the same 1999, he set up his own Law firm of 'Yinka Oyeniyi Farounbi & Co, 114, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos State.

He is a member of the Ikeja Branch of the NBA and had served the branch in various capacities at one time or the other as the Auditor, Assistant General Secretary, Financial Secretary, 1st Vice Chairman and Chairman between 2000 and 2016. In addition, he served in some important Committees of the branch as member, Secretary and Chairman. He was a member of the Human Rights Committee and the Chairman when he became the Ist Vice Chairman of the branch. He is the Chairman of the Conference Planning Committee in 2008 and 2009 AGC in Abuja and Lagos respectively. He was the Secretary of the Building Committee of the branch under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kemi Pinheiro, SAN. He has been, among others, a member of the Law Week Committee, the Countinuous Legal Education Committee, Pro Bono Committee, Local Organising Committee of the 2017 AGC in Lagos. In fact, he was the Alternate Chairman of the Sport Committee which successfully organised a football competition among the branches where trophies and cash prices were won.

The candidate for the position of the Legal Adviser has been an attendee of the NBA NEC meetings and the AGC since 2000 either as participant or Delegate. . He was a co-opted member of NEC in 2012 - 2014, a statutory member, as the Chairman of the Ikeja Branch, in 2014 - 2016 and the NEC Representative of the branch between 2016 - 2018. At the national level, he was a member of the Legislative Drafting Committee, 2012 - 2014, the Building Committee, 2016 - 2018 and the Legislative Drafting Committee, 2016 - 2018. He was among the NBA Delegates on Legal Services Trade Mission to Netherlands in 2016.

In all the positions so far held, he has not been found wanting and the various experiences gained in those years of sourjourn prepared him adequately for a day like this, and as the Legal Adviser, he will serve our association creditably well and strive to avoid any embarrassment whatsoever to the association. A crushing judgment was recently gotten against the association which almost brought its existence to an end, and this could have been avoided with a competent, diligent, painstaking and meticulous Legal Adviser. Never will such repeat itself under my stewardship as your Legal Adviser.

Gentlemen, trust me with your votes as your Legal Adviser and I promise to serve you positively in a way never to be forgotten in the existence of our organisation. 

Long live NBA, long live Nigeria.

Olayinka Oyeniyi Farounbi 
Legal Adviser candidate.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

 Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Arthur Obi Okafor, has said legal practice  needs to be transformed.

According to him, an effective legal system would rub off on the economy.

Okafor spoke on the sidelines of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) summit at the Nigerian Law School in Lagos. Its theme was: Transforming legal practice for young lawyers: the option of information and communication technology.

He said: “When you’re talking about transforming legal practice for young lawyers, it is a little bit circumscribed and does not really portray where we’re going. We need to transform legal practice not just for young lawyers, but for all lawyers in Nigeria.”

The senior lawyer urged young lawyers to develop their knowledge of the law, learn new skills and make good use of technology.

He said: “It is today’s lawyers that will lead the legal profession tomorrow. Whatever knowledge they have today will shape the development of legal industry in Nigeria.

“The theme of the conference is just a pointer that legal practice in Nigeria needs to be transformed. When legal practice is transformed, it will impact positively on all aspects of our economic, social and political life.”

According to Okafor, ICT would be key in the transformation, adding that lawyers must be ready to operate in line with international standards to compete globally.

“To transform legal practice, we’re looking at the option of ICT. The world is a global village and we have continued to develop. We cannot rely on obsolete ways of life.

“We must move forward to meet the best international standards. Communication and technology drive the economy. This is a digital age,” Okafor said.

He praised the Bar association for its efforts to equip lawyers, saying: “The NBA is doing everything to bring lawyers to that desired status, to be able to compete globally.”

Other dignitaries at the event were Justice Raliat Adebiyi, who represented the Chief Judge of Lagos; NBA President Abubakar Mahmoud (SAN) and Mrs Amina Oyagbola, who gave the keynote speech.

Mahmoud said while ICT has its advantages, it could also have “disastrous consequences” such as when social media is used to promote hate speech.

He urged young lawyers to get familiar with the new NBA constitution and attend this year’s NBA annual general conference in Abuja.

Justice Adebiyi said lawyers have limitless employment opportunities as long as they acquire the relevant skills and knowledge.

“As lawyers, you can work anywhere. You can decide to work for an organisation, a bank or practice in court,” she said, adding that there was no shortcut to hardwork.

Mrs Oyegbola urged the young lawyers to acquire ICT skills and keep learning about new developments.

She said: “As lawyers, you must be aware of the ICT tools because it is a prerequisite for today’s legal practice.”

According to her, ICT enhances easy storage of materials, simplifies law firm management, enables lawyers to work smartly, eases legal research, boosts global networking, and speeds up adjudication.

Mrs Oyegbola said merely having access to ICT and being knowledgeable in it was not enough, as more was needed.

“ICT cannot make you a successful legal practitioners as it is just a tool, but honesty, integrity, hardwork, creativity and innovativeness, being an active listener, being curious and helpful will make you successful. Also, be open to opportunities and ideas,” she said.

Other topics discussed were: Building a 21st Century law firm: challenges and opportunities for the millennial lawyers and opportunities for young lawyers in Fintech.

YLF Chairman Mr Wada Ahmed Wada said the forum was organised to help young lawyers “improve on ICT, be e-friendly and know how to respond to clients when faced with challenges inherent in the legal profession”.

“There is need for us to reflect on the ongoing reforms in the communication sector of the economy,” he said.

Also at the event were Lagos Court of Arbitration President Mr Yemi Candide-Johnson (SAN), Mr Wokemi Esan (partner, Olaniwun Ajayi LP), Hamid Abdulkareem (Partner, Aluko & Oyebode) Desmond Ogba (Partner, Templars) and Abiodun Oyeledun (Partner, Details Solicitors), among others.

Credit: The Nation

Friday, 23 December 2016

Issa at LASUTH immediately after he was assaulted by Bartholomew Aguegodo

After the Press conference, Issa granted TVC audience to hear his narration of the incidence.

Following the ugly incident that occured on Monday, 19th Dec. 2016 at the NBA secretariat, Ikeja branch where a lawyer, Prince Issa Adedokun was physically assaulted by another senior lawyer, Bartholomew Aguegbodo, a press conference was held at the NBA bar secretariat by the Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) yesterday 22nd December, 2016. The press conference was headed by the chairman of YLF Mr. Charles Ajiboye who lamented on the rampant mistreatment of young lawyers by the some senior lawyers.
The script of the speech given at the conference is given below:

Charles Ajiboye flaked from left to right by some excos of the YLF
Dear Colleagues, friends and gentlemen of the press.
On Monday 19th December, 2016 an ugly incident occurred. The incumbent Assistant Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) Ikeja branch and immediate past Chairman of the Young Lawyers’ Forum(YLF), NBA, Ikeja branch Mr. Issa Adedokun was physically assaulted by a Senior colleague Mr. Bartholomew Aguegbodo(A former Chairmanship candidate of NBA, Ikeja branch) after a minor argument ensued between them.
Upon investigations and meeting with the victim and other eye witnesses, the YLF made several resolutions hence this press briefing.
Whilst we would have been persuaded to hear from Mr. Bartholomew Aguegbodo, his open admission of guilt on his page on and his complete abandonment of any form of remorse only strengthened the fact that no explanation will justify physical assault of a professional colleague. None; whatsoever. One wonders what would have happened had the victim of the assault acted in like manner or his friends and colleagues retaliated in the same style.
The truth is that; the only reason why Mr. Bartholomew Aguegbodo had the thought and eventually took steps to assault Mr. Issa Adedokun is because he is a young lawyer. It evidenced his respect and regards for young lawyers. It wouldn’t have come to his mind had the argument been with his fellow senior colleague.
The YLF frowns at this act which is fast becoming the order of the day and will accept nothing of such more so from Mr. Bartholomew Aguegbodo whom the forum hitherto had huge respect and regards for. The forum is not only shocked but deeply disappointed and feels let down at this show of emotional weakness often exhibited by seniors at the bar.
Seniority at the bar used to mean nobility, wisdom and in turn earn huge respect but it is unfortunate that a few of those who are being looked up to has role models have allowed their weaker and ugly selves take the better part of them.
The YLF deeply commends the maturity displayed by Mr. Issa Adedokun in the face of the provocation and assault; the YLF thus resolved accordingly:
·         It is strongly recommended that Mr. Issa Adedokun commences the process of both Criminal and Civil proceedings against his assailant as well as a detailed petition to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (LPDC).
·         That the Legal Aid Committee of the YLF should take up fully the prosecution of the above matters at no cost to the Mr. Issa Adedokun and any other young lawyer who is a victim of similar abuses.
·         That Mr. Bartholomew Aguegbodo is hereby requested to forward a written apology letter to Mr. Issa Adedokun and send a copy to the YLF within 30days of this communiqué or face complete black listing from the forum.
·         That this communiqué be forwarded to the National Executives of the NBA for action
The YLF says unequivocally, that it will no longer tolerate the rampart assault of it’s members by ‘almighty seniors’. It is no longer news that lawyers in some firms are being treated as slaves; they are constantly verbally abused and physically assaulted both male and female. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT WE WILL FIGHT FOR OURSELVES. INJURY TO ONE IS INJURY TO ALL. We refuse to be intimidated and oppressed. A young lawyer is a lawyer and MUST be treated with the deserving respect.
We call on senior lawyers to stand tall and caution the few bad eggs who are creating a bad name for this category of lawyers. The truth is that every young lawyer will become a senior lawyer one day and we know that, hence the need to create the sensitization so that we can be noble and worthy seniors.
Whilst we as a forum has decided not to meddle with the ongoing issues  the forum uses this opportunity to call on the President of the NBA, Mr. Abubakar Mahmoud,SAN and indeed the National Executive Council to URGENTLY wade into the leadership crisis of the NBA, Ikeja.
We only demand that it should be given the needed urgency and attention as Ikeja branch is not only one of the largest branches of the NBA, it is indeed one of the most vibrant in the country. It will not be a good experience that the strength of the branch is used by it against itself. If the silence or/and delay continues, the President will have by omission, heaped up a coal of complicated fire that it may be unable to resolve easily thereafter.
Finally, it is important to mention here again to the leadership of the NBA, the government and all stakeholders that there is a need to engage the younger generation and commit to them responsibilities. This is the only way to secure the future. We recommend that there should be at least a competent youth in every cabinet or committee at any level Federal, State, Local Government, Agencies of government e.t.c. Young people are not weak or incompetent rather we are BRAVE, AMBITIOUS, STRONG AND DARING. Every serious minded institution never jokes with its youths.
On behalf of the Young lawyers of NBA, Ikeja branch and indeed young people everywhere in the country, I thank you for your time and urge you to stand for ‘Young’. Stand against any form of intimidation and oppression to young people.
Thank you.
Chairman, YLF-NBA Ikeja.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has called for laws that will prevent corruption.

Its president Abubakar Mahmoud  (SAN) expressed “grave concern” that the anti-corruption crusade seems to focus on fighting corruption after it has occurred.

To him, not much attention is paid to preventive measures with a view to minimising the incidence of corruption.

“We strongly believe that prevention must equally be robust and effective. The current system is not sufficiently robust to prevent corruption from occurring within the public service system.

“We call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to initiate measures that seek to prevent corruption from occurring, in addition to the fight after corruption has occurred.

“The NBA calls on the National Assembly and the State Houses of Assembly to utilise their immense legislative powers, not only to strengthen existing anti-corruption laws and institutions, but also to consider the enactment of new anti-corruption laws in Nigeria that will be prevention focused,” Mahmoud stated.

Accoding to him, ant-graft agencies need institutional and structural reforms to make them more efficient.

Mahmoud, who spoke in Lagos at a forum to mark the International  Anti-Corruption Day, believed that  unless  there were institutional and structural changes in the laws establishing the anti-corruption agencies, desired result would not be achieved.

Mahmoud said: “It is regrettable that in spite of all the efforts against corruption, Nigeria is still rated very low in the annual anti-corruption index of Transparency International.

“We observe that although the Federal Government has established anti-corruption agencies, these institutions are bedeviled by certain institutional and structural constraints.

“In view of the fact that anti-corruption crusade is part of our public interest programme  especially at the Bar and Bench, the NBA calls for urgent structural, legal and institutional reforms of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for more effectiveness and efficiency.”

NBA praised efforts to fight corruption, noting that the legal and institutional frameworks be strenghtened.
“To combat corruption successfully, a combination of strong legal and ethical frameworks and the presence of effective institutions are important for success.

“We further recommend that the mechanisms for investigation and prosecution against corruption must be restructured and strengthened,” he said.

Mahmoud restated NBA’s commitment to the fight against corruption, especially in the judiciary.

He said only an independent Judiciary can fight corruption.

“We call upon the Federal Government to ensure that adequate funds are allocated to the Judiciary as it prepares to present the 2017 appropriation Bill to the National Assembly.

“It is expected that adequate funding will contribute to independence of the judiciary and reduce the incidence of judicial corruption.

“With regards to the Bar, the Nigerian Bar association shall spare no effort in weeding out corrupt lawyers in the legal profession through diverse means including our disciplinary mechanism,” he said.

He said erring lawyers would be disbarred in a bid to “make the legal profession unattractive for corrupt lawyers.”

Source : The Nation

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The National Judicial Council (NJC) has faulted the call by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) for the compulsory suspension of some judges recently arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS) on corruption allegations.

The NBA President, Abubakar Mahmud (SAN) had, at a function in Abuja on Thursday, urged the affected judges to either be sent on compulsory suspension or cease to exercise their judicial powers until their innocence was proved.

The NJC argued in a statement late on Friday that the NBA was wrong in calling for the judges’ suspension having earlier supported the council’s decision to condemn the arrest, which it described as an attempt to cow the Judiciary.

The statement by its Acting Director, Information, Soji Oye, stated that the council could only exercise its disciplinary powers over judicial officers where due processes were complied with.
NJC said the midnight invasion of the judges’ houses and their arrest by DSS violated due process and could not serve as a basis for the NJC to suspend the affected judicial officers. 

Source : The Nation 

Friday, 26 August 2016

By Eric Rotgak Goler, ESQ 

At the close of the Nigerian Bar Association Annual General Conference today, in Portharcourt,  the garden city, the Augustine Alegeh, SAN led executive shall give way to what we now call ' A Brave New Bar' which had been the campaign slogan of the in-coming President the very respected A B Mahmoud. This has been made possible by the FCT High Court which refused a motion for restraining order against such inauguration. 

While there may be pending controversy over the July 30 and 31st election of the NBA, the coast is now clear for Mr. Mahmoud to ascend the throne and carry out the much needed reforms in our association. One which readily comes to mind is the present reputation of our legal profession which has been in the gutters lately. The new bar has to be a lot different, lawyers have recently been involved in practices which have not only been disgraceful to the profession but even the judiciary. A situation where cases bothering on the same facts and same parties are being filed at different courts of coordinate jurisdiction is just appalling. Lawyers, senior lawyers at that who are involved in this kind of practice must be queried. 

As ministers in the temple of justice, it lies on our shoulder the onus to protect our democracy which has been put on trial recently. Our duty is to protect the Nigerian people from the antics of the unscrupulous political class which has devised multiple means of destroying this democracy. The Bar must be brave, to speak out when necessary damning the consequences. The Bar must also be brave to punish its members who stray from the age long tenets of our profession no matter their status, and that is what I call bravery. 

With a consummate professional like Mahmoud, and a very disciplined fellow in his own right, 'A Brave New Bar' is possible. Welcome to a new dawn. 

Eric Rotgak Goler is a legal practitioner in attendance at the 56th Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association in Portharcourt.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Mr. Abubakar Balarabe Mahmoud, SAN was around 1 o’clock this morning declared winner of the hotly contested presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). Mahmoud polled 3055 votes to beat Gadzama who got 2384 votes.

Other winners are Mr. Caleb Gal Dajan, First Vice President; Mr. Monday Ubani, Second Vice President and Mr. Benedict Oji, Third Vice President, all of whom were returned unopposed.

Mr. Isiaka Olagunju polled 2721 votes to beat Mr. Desmond Yamah who polled 2510 votes, while the post of First Assistant Secretary went to Mr. Okey Leo Ohagba who received 2402 votes to beat his closet rival, Mr. Olukunle Edun who polled 1653 votes.

Mr. Enebi Mohammed Salihu polled 1067 votes to place third.
Other winners are Ugbuji Cecilia Ngede, Second Assistant Secretary; Ado Aisha Abdullahi, Treasurer; Adesina Adegbite, Welfare Secretary; Ngozi Udodi, Financial Secretary; Dorcas Ngwu, Assistant Financial Secretary; Chuwuemeka Mbamala, Assistant Publicity Secretary, and Oyeyemi Rafiu Balogun, Legal Adviser.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) has opposed the call by the organised labour for capital punishment for public officers found guilty of corruption and corrupt practices in the country.

President of the Association, Barrister Augustine Alegeh (SAN) while receiving the National President of the Nigeria a Labour Congress (NLC) at the Bar House in Abuja said it was not ideal that while other countries are moving away from capital punishment, Nigerians will be advocating for such.

He said needs to be done to stem corruption in the country is for the government to evolve measures that will prevent people from looting the treasury, pointing out that the newly introduced Treasury Single Account was a measure in the right direction.
Alegeh argued that the plea bargain which has formed part of the Justice system in the country is a good measure of recovering stolen money for people, pointing out that if the government had applied it since 2007, a lot of money would have been recovered from those accused of corruption.

He said: “It was on the front pages last week that people who are involved in corruption matters should be sent to the gallows and be killed, that there should be capital punishment and I said no.
“The international trend is that every country is moving away from capital punishment. So, where the world is moving away from, why are we going there? In corruption cases, the focus is on recovering of the money. Let us recover that money and use it to develop our country and not to kill the man.

“If you kill the man and the family has the money, have we made any progress? So, let us go for what is right. For us, plea bargain which is in our new criminal justice act is very good. If we had done plea bargain with some of the governors in 2007, we would have had more money in the system than today.
“Chelsea Hotel was seized from somebody and is now infested with rats and the man they seized it from now has New Chelsea Hotel. The one that government seized is infested with rats. Assuming that hotel was functional and the revenue going into our consolidated revenue fund or the federations account, is that not adding more money for us. The seized the hotel from somebody they said embezzled money and the place is dead today. That can’t be right.”
“Where ever there is corruption, it is money meant for development that has been take away. The first thing that we should be looking at is how do we get this money and put back into the system to aid development. Punishment should take the back stage, while you reform. Internationally.

What we should be concerned about is what measure do we put in place to ensure that we are not looted, instead of waiting to be looted and then kill the person. We must be proactive and that is our stand. Our position is that the government will put in place proactive measure to ensure that pilfering of government resources is termed.
“The Treasury Single Account being introduced by the government now is a step in that direction. Let us first know where the money is, we know what we are expecting, we know the account.
“If you know that every body is looking at that account, you cannot say that the money has not come or the money is in one account or the other. I commend government, but I think there are more steps government can take.
“For us, we believe that the present administration has taken many steps in the right direction. No man is without error or mistake, but on the whole, the government has taken the right steps in the right direction and we support the administration. As long as they continue to work in the right part, the part of getting our country back on a solid footing, we will continue to support them and offer ideas. We encourage NLC to also consider the government long those lines”.

On accusations that lawyers defend often defend people accused of corruption, he said, while NBA will do all within its power to maintain its position on the rule of law, it is the duty of every lawyer to defend a client even when such a person plead guilty to the crime.

The Nation

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