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Y. C. MAIKYAU: Breaking New Grounds in Technology and Connectivity for the Legal Community

Y.C Maikya SAN, NBA President

In a bold stride toward a tech-driven future, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) under the visionary leadership of President Y. C. Maikyau has unveiled a series of transformative digital initiatives. These innovations, presented by the Head of the ICT Unit, Mr. Solomon Magaji, at the NEC Meeting of 7th December, 2023, promise to reshape the landscape of legal connectivity and efficiency.

These innovations announced are:

  1. Modernized NBA Website : A Gateway to Information
    The newly launched NBA website represents a leap forward in online presence, featuring a modern design and responsive interface. Within months, it has attracted over 167,000 views, with the “Find a Lawyer” directory emerging as a crucial tool for lawyer-client connections.
  2. Revolutionary NBA Portal: Transforming Transactions
    A proprietary self-service portal, built with cutting-edge technology, now facilitates fast, secure, and reliable data exchange. Members can conveniently make BPF payments, access transaction history, manage profiles, and verify their identity through NIN/VNIN, ensuring secure transactions.
  3. Empowering NBA Blog: Beyond Traditional Communication
    The establishment of a dedicated NBA blog reduces reliance on traditional communication methods. Members can contribute articles, and the blog offers advertising opportunities, potentially generating additional revenue for the association.
  4. Seamless Accessibility with the NBA Digital App: Anytime, Anywhere
    The native NBA mobile app, available on iOS and Android, provides lawyers convenient access to portal functionalities, enhancing accessibility and usability. Thus, using the App, members can conveniently make BPF payments, Find a lawyer in the NBA, access transaction. history, manage profiles, and verify their identity through NIN/VNIN, ensuring secure transactions. Members can also download NEC and AGC Reports, stay updated with the latest NBA News and get all the exclusive content from the AGC. One can even access view and past receipts, making it less cumbersome when one quickly needs them for Silk, Notary or other applications.
    The ” Find a Lawyer’’ directory is particularly a delight as by just entering your name, you easily get your enrolment number displayed.
    The App is currently available for download on both the iOS and android stores as the NBA DIGITAL APP .
  5. Fortifying NBA’s Digital Presence with a Dedicated Server: The Nerve Center
    A secure, dedicated server, exclusively managed by the NBA IT team, serves as the nerve center for all digital products and solutions, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  6. Groundbreaking Data Policy:

Upholding Privacy Standards
For the first time, the NBA engaged a licensed Data Protection Compliance Officer (DPCO) to ensure full compliance with data protection regulations. The draft data policy, currently under review, marks a pivotal move toward data security and privacy.

President Y. C. Maikyau, OON, SAN, has demonstrated his commitment to a digital future, fostering collaboration and ensuring the highest standards of data protection and transparency. These six innovations not only enhance connectivity but also position the NBA at the forefront of technological advancement in the legal sphere.
As the legal community eagerly embraces these digital transformations, the Y. C. Maikyau-led administration stands as a beacon of progress, ushering in a new era for the Nigerian Bar Association.