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Widow demands death penalty for husband’s killer

A widow, Bose Azees, is  demanding the death penalty for the man alleged to have beaten her husband, Ahmed Azees, to death.
Kola Adegbite, a local  official of the  Amalgamation of Motorcycle Operators and Riders Association of Nigeria (AMORAN), allegedly beat Azees to death with charm penultimate Sunday at Bank Bus stop, Ifo, Ogun State.
An argument had ensued between Adegbite, described as AMORAN ticketing officer, and the deceased over ticketing.
What followed, according to eye witnesses, was that Adegbite struck Azees with a ring. The victim  slumped immediately.
Bystanders rushed to his aid and were in the process of taking him to the hospital  when he gave up the ghost.
Bose, who is still shocked by the incident, says all she wants is justice.
“My  husband’s killer should be given the  death penalty,” she told The Nation as she recalled the circumstances surrounding his death.
She said: “my husband was not into Okada business full time. He was a bricklayer and only used his motorcycle to carry passengers in order to complement his income.
“He told Adegbite that he had no money to buy ticket, promising to do so as soon as he made some money later in the day.
“My husband pleaded with Adegbite, but he won’t listen. It was in the middle of an altercation that the man (Adegbite) invited his colleagues to beat up my husband before hitting him with a deadly charm. He fell  down with his tongue stretching out. He  died on the spot.
“My husband and I did not plan it this way. All I want is justice.”
A close relation who does not want to be named  described the late Azees “as unassuming and hardworking.”
A resident who asked for anonymity asked  security agencies and local government authorities to monitor  Okada riders in the community close to  prevent a recurrence.
He recalled how three other commercial motorcycle riders were beaten up by AMORAN ticketing officials at Coker area of the town  a month ago.
The suspect  was arrested by policemen from the  Ifo Police Station and has since been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Eleweran, Abeokuta.
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