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We’ll fix Justices’ complaints on work conditions – CJN

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Ibrahim Muhammad has confirmed that some of his brother Justices have expressed displeasure about their current conditions of service and were demanding improvement.

Justice Muhammad acknowledged a letter written to him to that effect but expressed discomfort that what ought to have been internal to the Judiciary has become a subject of public debate.

The CJN, who dwelt on efforts being made to ensure a conducive work and living environment for judicial officers and staff of the Supreme Court, assured that more would be done.

He was categorical that issues raised in the letter by his brother Justices were being addressed.

Justice Muhammad’s view was reflected in a statement on Tuesday by his media aide, Ahuraka Yusuf Isah.

The statement reads: “Re: State of affairs in the Supreme Court and demand by Justices of the Supreme Court.
“The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammad would wish to confirm receipt of letter written and addressed to him by his brother Justices of the Supreme Court Bench.

“Judges, in all climes, are to be seen and not heard, and that informed why the CJN refrained from joining issues until a letter, said to be personal, is spreading across the length and breadth of the society.

“This was akin to dancing naked at the market square by us with the ripple effect of the said letter

“The Supreme Court definitely does not exist outside its environment, it is also affected by the economic and socio-political climate prevailing in the country.

“Besides that, the apex court has, to a larger extent, been living to its constitutional responsibility.

“When a budget is made, it contains two sides, that is, the recurrent and the capital. Yet, all the two are broken down into items.

“The Federal Government releases the budget based on the budget components, and it is an offence to spend the money meant for one item for another.

“For instance, the Supreme Court budgeted this year to re-roof and rehabilitate its complex built over 30 years ago, and that is being done.

Credit : THE NATION.