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Shettima pledges FG’s support for Anambra on ecological challenges, industrial growth

Vice President Kashim Shettima, on Thursday, commended Governor Chukwuma Soludo led Anambra State Government for emphasizing private sector-driven development while also pledging the Federal Government’s support in addressing ecological challenges being faced by the state.

The Vice President also noted that Anambra state has emerged as a critical pillar in Nigeria’s economic future.

Mr Stanley Nkwocha, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Communications, Office of the Vice-President, quoted Shettima as saying this while commissioning some projects in Anambra state.

The projects are the Ijele 93.1 FM Radio Station, Phase Two of the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation Touch-a-Life Housing Project and the Advanced Energy Management Solutions, a meter manufacturing factory.

The vice president had also undertaken an aerial view of some gully erosion sites in the state and received a briefing on the state government’s efforts to address the problem which damages infrastructure and farmlands.

Shettima restated the Federal Government’s commitment to support Anambra government’s efforts in addressing the problem of erosion after the inspection.

He said that the Federal Government would provide financial and technical assistance to the state to implement solutions to the problem.

“Anambra state is crucial to the economy of this country, and we are going to ensure interventions in this state from economic support to infrastructure development.

“This will enable the state to sustain its place as an industrial and economic powerhouse.

“We are aware of the daunting challenge of gully erosion with which the state grapples, a consequence of its loose soil.

“We are aware of the communities that this menacing force has encroached upon. We are aware of the lives and livelihoods it has devastated and threatened.

“We are also going to make our interventions in boosting our road infrastructure projects stand as tangible testaments to our commitment to connect the South-East with other sub-regions of our beloved country.

“These initiatives aim not only to bridge geographical distances but also to knit together the diversity of our nation, fostering prosperity the people deserve.”

The vice-president, therefore, applauded Gov. Soludo for his understanding of the importance of a thriving private sector.

“Soludo has demonstrated a vast understanding of our economic dynamics, not just refined in academic chambers but forged in the crucible of real-world challenges.”

The vice-president said that the private sector forms an integral half of the crucial foundation that holds the Nigerian government.

“This explains why the president’s vision for Nigeria is grounded in eight priority areas, including poverty eradication, economic growth, job creation, and equitable access to capital.

“This gathering is a reminder that the private sector forms the other half of the government’s crucial foundation.

“Whatever innovation we design, whatever ideas we explore, whatever interests we pursue, we cannot achieve our objectives if those being targeted are not carried along or in tune with our agenda.

“I am utterly proud to be here today, honoured and excited to witness the commissioning of these landmark projects. I am convinced that each of us understands the urgency of our collective actions.”

Shettima also commended the Chairman of Chrome Group and Founder of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF), Dr Emeka Offor, for his contributions to the development of the state.

“Offor’s investments in Anambra State have helped to create jobs, improve infrastructure and provide essential services to the people of the state.

“Dr Emeka Offor is a shining example of what can be achieved when the private sector and the government work together. He is a true patriot who is committed to making Nigeria a better place.”

Shettima said the hope the Tinubu administration promised to renew could only be realised in an environment that makes it easier to translate the ideas of pace-setting individuals like Dr Emeka Offor into action.

“The profound partnership between the Federal Government and each state remains an indispensable cornerstone.

“I assure you that commitment knows no bounds when fostering an environment ripe for entrepreneurial growth and innovation.

“For it is in the nurturing embrace of this collaborative effort that the delicate balance between public and private sectors resonates, defining the trajectory of successful nations.”

credit: PM News