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Real reasons Ogun Speaker Oluomo was impeached

Details have emerged why the Ogun State House of Assembly lawmakers impeached the Speaker, Olakunle Oluomo on Tuesday.

Eighteen of the 26 lawmakers voted to impeach the Speaker and elected Oludaisi Elemide as the new Speaker.

The lawmakers cited alleged financial misappropriation as one of the reasons for Oluomo’s removal.

They accused the impeached speaker of embezzlement of quarters renovation fund, non-disclosure of House of Assembly finances, embezzlement of monthly seminar/training fund, embezzlement of philanthropic gesture extended to the House as well as spending house funds on personal travels without the consent and approval of the House.

The lawmakers also accused the speaker of inciting House members against themselves, such as creating conflicts and fanning the ember of discord between legislative and executive arms of government and using foul language against the members.

Oluomo was further accused by the lawmakers of forcing his opinion on members, as well as obstructing and restricting members from performing their legislative duties.

He was also accused of arrogance and poor leadership, such as flagrant disobedience to the court of law and collective decisions of the House and not being a team player.

Source: PM News