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Prioritise education for nation building, NewGlobe Boss tells policymakers

The Group Managing Director, NewGlobe Nigeria, Dr Olusoji Akinyele has urged policymakers in Nigeria to re-prioritise education and reskilling of the workforce through investments and quality partnerships.

Akinyele made the remark while delivering the keynote address at the Seplat JV Education Summit and Seplat Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP) graduation ceremony held in Benin City, Edo State recently.

“Transforming the education workforce is not a luxury, it is a necessity for our country and a necessity for now. We must collectively address the issue of teacher shortages, inadequate training, and low morale of teachers and educators, among challenges that paint a concerning picture of the future of our education workforce in Nigeria,” he noted

Speaking on transforming the education workforce, Dr Akinyele called for the prioritization of teacher welfare, noting that, “If it takes a village to raise a child, then that village must empower the village teacher to educate that child. Empowered teachers nurture creative and ethical leaders in society. They cultivate the culture and innovation that births new technologies and solutions for national challenges”.

Akinyele pointed out that strategic partnerships also play a vital role in reforming the education workforce through strategic training and empowerment programmes similar to what NewGlobe is doing in partnership with the Edo state government through the EdoBEST programme.

“We are all witnesses to the globally acclaimed EdoBEST programme as supported by NewGlobe through which His Excellency Governor Obaseki has radically transformed the state public education system by empowering over 15,000 teachers in Edo state with digital teaching devices, modern-day lesson delivery, residential induction training, continuous teacher mentoring, employment retention and performance-based incentives as well as a robust monitoring and evaluation system.

“We are achieving transformational learning outcomes and building the future workforce both for the state and our country Nigeria. A few other states; Lagos, Kwara, Bayelsa, have now taken a cue from what is happening in Edo state and are now implementing similar reforms also supported by NewGlobe, focused on empowering teachers and the education workforce”, Dr Akinyele said.

He called on all stakeholders present to focus on an intersection between education, technological innovation and partnerships that work towards the transformation of any society, sustaining the progress made and improving access to education through teacher empowerment.

He noted: “Transforming the education workforce requires a holistic and collaborative approach. It is a complex and multifaceted process that involves various stakeholders, and strategic planning but above all, it involves sustained efforts.

“The Seplat example and the EdoBEST example are replicable and scalable models of private sector and public sector interventions. To achieve them at a national scale requires comprehensive needs assessment to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the current education workforce. This involves analysing teacher skills, professional development opportunities, and the alignment of the workforce with the evolving needs of learners and society,” he said.

Source: The nation