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Power Struggle Unfolds at AWLA Nigeria: Former President Accused of Disrupting Inauguration to Retain Control Amidst Leadership Change

In an interesting turn of events, the scheduled inauguration of the AWLA Nigeria executive committee faced disruption at 10 am on the 5th of January, 2024 when Mrs. Mandy Asagba, a former president and current 3rd Vice President of the NBA, allegedly brought in individuals causing disturbance. Adesola Olusoga Bello, the Vice Coordinator Lagos State Chapter, reports that Mrs. Asagba locked out key figures, including the outgoing president Mrs. Efe Etomi, association trustee Mrs. Akinbo, and others, hindering the inauguration process.

According to Adesola, Mrs. Asagba’s alleged actions were driven by her hesitancy to permit the association’s leaders to be elected. She is said to have favored a hand-picking process, which purportedly resulted in both her and the outgoing president assuming power. Allegations include Mrs. Asagba retaining control over association accounts, purportedly using them to collect funds from members, organizations, and the public.

During her tenure as president, Mrs. Asagba spent almost five years in charge. Reportedly, she brought in Mrs. Etomi and assumed an unelected international presidency of an unregistered AWLA International to maintain authority. Allegations include the deployment of individuals to intimidate AWLA members and the public from accessing the secretariat.

The disruption escalated to the point where Mrs. Asagba’s alleged order to lock the entrance gate using padlocks prompted the intervention of Ilupeju Police Station to restore order. In a positive turn of events, the newly elected executives, led by President Mrs. Caroline Ibharuneafe, were sworn in today, marking the conclusion of the contentious inauguration process.

Take note of the new AWLA Nigeria executive committee, consisting of:

  1. President: Mrs. Caroline Ibharuneafe
  2. Vice President: Mrs. Felicia Nwaobi
  3. Secretary: Mrs. Oise Perpetua Chigbue
  4. Treasurer: Mrs. Julie Lisa Onyeagba
  5. Financial Secretary: Mrs. Nnenna Anozie
  6. Welfare Officer: Mrs. Monica Abiton Okorodudu Akinuli.

Mrs Bode Josephine, the Electoral Chairperson assures that the entire swearing-in process was conducted peacefully, emphasizing a transition towards stability and a renewed focus for AWLA Nigeria.