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Pius Idemudia Oiwoh, 2nd VP Candidate Congratulates Newly Elected Executives of NBA Branches Including Ilorin, Kano, Badagry, Lafia, and Etiosa

It is a season of elections in line with the NBA Constitution and byelaw. In the light of the aforesaid various branches of the Nigerian Bar Association within the last few days conducted their elections while some who conducted their elections in the previous week innaugurated their new executives to run the affairs of the branch in the next two years.

It is therefore with great delight that I extend hearty felicitations to the new executives of the NBA Ilorin Branch, which has S.M.H Kosemani as Chairman and O.D. Jimoh as Secretary, the exco was inaugurated on the yesterday in a colourful ceremony well attended by members and guests. The Chairman assured of an all inclusive government and to take the branch to an enviable height. Kano Branch also conducted its election which saw Usman Umar Fari as Chairman and Aminu Sani as Secretary. Badagry branch has Latif Ajani Rasheed as its new Chairman while Mabawonku-Nwaka Olaide O. emerged as Secretary.
Lafia branch is not left out as it similarly conducted its election which saw A.S. Gayam as Chairman. Etiosa branch being a new branch had its maiden inauguration with M.M.M.A. Sanni as Chairman and Mr. Peter Gabriel as Secretary.

Having previously gone through the route, I understand the immense responsibility and honour that comes with your new offices especially as I have also served my branch first as Secretary and thereafter as Chairman.

Your ascension to these pivotal positions reflects the trust and confidence your branch has in your legal acumen and dedication to justice, and even though it is often said that the law is a profession of words, it is through your actions and your words that true change will be realized.

In navigating the intricate landscape of our legal system, may your resolutions be as balanced as the scales of justice and your leadership as steadfast as the pillars of our courts. The jurisprudence you shape and the precedents you set will undoubtedly resonate beyond our time, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of our legal community.

As you embark on this journey, know that the legal fraternity stands behind you, eager to support and collaborate in the pursuit of our shared mission: upholding the rule of law and advancing the cause of justice.

May I use this opportunity to congratulate your predecessors in office who through their labour of service have kept your branch united and better that they met it with pmilestone achievements.

To the Electoral Committees of the various branches that midwifed the process of transition, i celebrate you. Then to the members of your branch who displayed pstriotism and maturity in the process, you shall be remembered for your laudable role of sustaining the unity of the Bar.

Pius Idemudia Oiwoh
Immediate Past Chairman NBA Benin and
Candidate for the office of 2nd Vice President NBA