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Osun APC, Adeleke conflict over first-year scorecard

The Osun State chapter of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused Governor Ademola Adeleke of traveling abroad before his administration’s first anniversary to avoid being held accountable for his governance.

The APC’s chairman, Mr. Tajudeen Lawal, asserted that Adeleke had led the state into decline since assuming office on November 27, 2022.

Lawal accused the governor of falsehood regarding his location, countering claims made by Adeleke’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, about the governor being on a working vacation in Europe and Asia.

Lawal alleged that Adeleke fled the country due to fear of facing the people after mismanaging the state’s revenue over the past year.

The opposition party highlighted Adeleke‘s absence as an attempt to evade responsibility for his alleged mismanagement, emphasizing that despite any reasons for absence due to illness, those entrusted with the people’s mandate should always be truthful and accountable.

“No one can begrudge another for falling sick or nursing an ailment as such is beyond the control of any human being but God Almighty, but it behooves those who are holding the people’s mandate in trust to always tell the truth and stand by the truth.

“We know very well that Governor Adeleke has absconded from the state so he would not be able to give due account of his stewardship to the people of the state.

“Since November 2022 when he came on board, Governor Adeleke has run the state aground with his sheer incompetence, lack of proper education and zero administrative acumen. He is afraid to disclose to the Osun people how he has mismanaged over N130bn revenue accrued to his government in the last year.

“He is afraid to tell them how he has allocated in the supplementary budget over N10 billion for his food, entertainment and office use while the parents of UNIOSUN students are struggling to pay increased school fees his regime forced on them to pay”.

According to the APC, Adeleke’s leadership has resulted in significant mismanagement of state resources, citing a misallocation of funds for personal use while students’ families struggle to meet increased university fees.

In response, Governor Adeleke, through his spokesperson, Rasheed, defended his administration’s performance, stating that they surpassed their predetermined targets across various sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, technology, agriculture, youth, and women empowerment.

Adeleke highlighted achievements in road construction, school rehabilitation, water projects, healthcare outreach, technological advancements, public service reforms, and pensioner welfare, emphasizing significant progress within his first year in office.

credit: PM News