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Ondo 2024: I will win PDP primary, says Agboola

Immediate past Ondo Deputy Governor  Hon Agboola Ajayi, has said that he would emerge victorious at the governorship primary of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) scheduled to hold next month.

Ajayi, who declared his intention to contest as Governor at a media parley in Akure, said he would protest if the primary were smirk of transparency.

Ajayi said his decision to govern the State was because he has the capacity and experience to keep ‘everybody busy.’

The former Deputy Governor promised to  build a railway system to link coastal communities to Kogi State if elected Governor of the Sunshine state.

He said the State has no business to build a seaport but to provide infrastructure in the riverine communities to attract private investors to build the seaport.

Ajayi said he understood how to run the State without relying on monthly allocation from the federation account.

He explained that the planned railway to link Kogi State would reduce the number of heavy duty trucks on the highway.

Ajayi said he would not defect from the PDP if the primary were conducted in a transparent manner.

According to him: “I understand how Ondo State can be govern and everybody will be happy. I understand what we need to revive the economy of this state. I understand how to run the state without relying on federal government allocation. I can prove it to anybody. I understand where there is money in Ondo State. 

“I understand how our elderly people can get what they are due for after retirement. I know how to engage the youths. 

“I know how to secure the society and I know that the economy activity of Ondo is best in the construction of road to link the riverine areas. If we do that, we will decongest Lagos State. 

“What they have in Lagos is a small portion of what we have in Ondo State. We have the longest coastline in the West Africa. We don’t need port Ondo for now. Private investors will come and do build the port if necessary infrastructure were put in place. 

    “If that road had been constructed, you will see more development and investors will invade Ondo State. Lagos State will be decongested. Somebody will come and build the Port. 

    “What is the business’s of Ondo to build seaport? We need the enabling environment for private investors to take over. We will continue to enjoy a safe economy.

    “By the time we put all the aspirants together, asked other aspirants their manifesto. I read that they want to establish another university in this state. 

    “Can we run about five universities? I want us to have a better Ondo State. We are not surprised seeing people drifting from one party to another. We must change the narrative by having a government that knows how to unlock potentials in the state. How do we make use of the natural virgin environment God has given to us. 

    “We will open our coastal areas in Ondo State. I will construct rail from the riverine to Kogi State to link the federal government rail. We have the money. Government is a continum. 

    “I will revive all dead factories in the State liker the Oluwa glass factory. The raw materials are still there. We should be able to generate our electricity. I understand what can be done in Ondo to revive the state and make everybody busy.”

    Speaking on the planned consensus candidate in the PDP, Ajayi said all the aspirants would have to agree on who pick as the candidate.

    “Consensus can work if all the aspirants agree to it. If one said no, then there is no consensus. All of us must agree without a dissenting voice. 

    “It is when the party starts selling forms you know the real aspirants. Let us wait and see how many persons will obtain the form. I am above 50 and not desperate. 

    “I do not think the PDP will not promote transparency. They will not compromise. Once I enter and loose out in a transparent manner, I will support who emerged as candidate. If it is not transparent, we will protest.

    Source: the nation