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OKPE Union Takes Legal Action Against Unlawful Usurpation of Power by Orodje of OKPE Kingdom: Violation of Constitution Sparks Court Battle

In a decisive move to address a purported breach of constitutional principles, OKPE Union has initiated legal proceedings against the Orodje of OKPE Kingdom, HRM Felix Mujakperuo. The action comes in response to allegations that the Orodje unlawfully usurped power, appointing Prof. Emurobome Idolor as the head of an interim regime and selecting Okakuro Joseph Aboze as an alternative President General. These actions stand in direct violation of the OKPE Union Constitution, leading Prof. Igho Natufe and the recognized Executives to seek redress through the court..

Speaking on behalf of the OKPE Union, Prof. Natufe emphasized the unconstitutional nature of the Orodje’s procedures, asserting that such actions are not recognized by the law. He highlighted the importance of respecting the constitution and the need for a unified front to ensure the effective functioning of OKPE UNION for the benefit of all members.

As the legal battle unfolds, tensions rise, and Prof. Natufe urges stakeholders to set aside differences, promoting a united front to resolve the constitutional crisis and steer OKPE UNION back on course.