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Niger govt urged to include PWD in palliative distribution committee

People with Disabilities (PWD) have expressed concerns about potentially missing out on the Niger grain palliative distribution and Ramadan feeding program initiated by the state government, set to commence on Monday.

They highlight the government’s lack of initiative in including them in the committee responsible for allocating the grains.

In a bid to foster greater inclusivity and ensure equitable distribution of resources, the Quality Life for Persons with Special Needs Foundation (QLPSNF) has issued a formal request to the Niger State Government urging Governor Umaru Muhammad Bago to include people with disabilities in the state’s palliative sharing committee.

In efforts to promote inclusivity and equitable resource distribution, the Quality Life for Persons with Special Needs Foundation (QLPSNF) has formally petitioned the Niger State Government.

The foundation urges Governor Umaru Muhammad Bago to incorporate people with disabilities into the state’s palliative sharing committee.

in an open letter signed by the Executive Director of QLPSN, Abdulrahman Awal and made available to The Nation, the foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities in Niger State, said that the plea comes amidst growing recognition of the challenges faced by people with disabilities, particularly in accessing essential resources during times of crisis.

He emphasized the importance of ensuring the representation of people with disabilities in decision-making processes, especially regarding initiatives aimed at addressing poverty and social inequalities adding that in such distribution made in the past, people with disabilities were left out and did not benefit even though they are the most vulnerable in the society.

“People with disabilities are often the most marginalized members of society, and they are disproportionately affected by poverty and other economic and social challenges. As such, it is essential that they be included in any efforts to address these issues,” Awal stated.

Awal further highlighted the significance of recognizing the rights of individuals with disabilities and affording them opportunities to contribute meaningfully to their communities emphasizing that inclusion in the palliative sharing committee would not only facilitate access to the distribution of grains but also empower individuals with disabilities to participate in the development of their communities.

“People with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else, and they deserve to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. By including them in your palliative sharing committee, you will be sending a strong message that you value their voices and are committed to ensuring they have equal opportunities. We believe that including people with disabilities in your palliative sharing committee would be a win-win for everyone”, the Executive Director stated in the letter addressed to the Governor.

The Niger State Government is yet to respond to the formal request from QLPSNF on behalf of the People with Disabilities in Niger State. When The Nation spoke to the Executive Director, he said that the foundation remains hopeful that their appeal will be met with consideration and action to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in the palliative sharing committee.

It would be recalled that the Niger state government on Friday announced that that state government had procured assorted grains worth billions of Naira to be distributed to all the 25 local government areas, Emirate Councils, religious leaders, security agencies and political parties across the state while N976 million would be expended for Ramadan feeding across the eight Emirate councils in the State.

Source:The nation