Legal Nigeria

– BY AKOREDE HABEEB LAWAL (National Assistant Publicity Secretary 2018 – 2020)

It is democracy day and there is no better time to remind us that the preparations for electioneering towards the 2023 general elections have begun in earnest.

In this election season, the citizens will as always look up to the Nigerian Bar Association as the leader of the civil society and the leading light in the vanguard for adherence to the rule of law, protection of the independence of the judiciary and good governance in the country. The political climate will surely throw up issues that will impact on our nationhood.

_This election season will therefore demand more of the image maker of the Nigerian Bar Association than the customary role of disseminating information to members. The next Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association has to be someone who understands these demands, has the experience of service and the track records of ascertainable achievements, particularly in NBA Publicity roles._

I know this because I experienced a similar circumstance in the last general elections in 2019, when I served with credit as NBA’s Assistant Publicity Secretary between 2018 and 2020.

AKOREDE HABEEB LAWAL (National Assistant Publicity Secretary 2018 – 2020)