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In an exciting development for the NBA Lagos Branch, legal professional Kelechukwu Uzoka, LLM, MCIArb, has officially declared his candidacy for the position of Branch Secretary.

Following clearance by the Electoral Committee, Uzoka aims to contribute his expertise and vision to further improve the branch’s operations and serve its members more effective.

Read below Uzoka’s statement to members of the Lagos Branch.

Dear Learned Silks, Seniors, and Colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that I have been cleared by the Electoral Committee of the branch to contest for the position of Branch Secretary. I am honored by the opportunity and look forward to contributing my quota towards the continued improvement of the NBA Lagos Branch.

As a committed member of this branch, I am passionate about enhancing the good works we have witnessed thus far. I firmly believe that with the right vision and strategy we can create a more innovative, efficient, impactful and technology driven secretariat that will serve our members better.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing my plans for the office and I invite every member of our branch to join me on this journey for our dear NBA Lagos Branch.


Kelechukwu Uzoka, LLM, MCIArb.

Legal Nigeria provides an overview of Uzoka’s aspirations and his commitment to bringing innovation, efficiency, and technological advancements to the secretariat.

A Passionate Commitment to the Branch

With a genuine passion for the progress of the NBA Lagos Branch, Kelechukwu Uzoka’s decision to run for the position of Branch Secretary reflects his dedication and desire to enhance the branch’s achievements. Acknowledging the positive developments witnessed thus far, Uzoka aims to build upon them and establish a secretariat that leverages modern tools and strategies to better serve the needs of its members.

A Vision for Innovation and Efficiency

Uzoka firmly believes that a combination of vision and strategy can lead to significant advancements within the NBA Lagos Branch. His goal is to create an environment that fosters innovation, ensuring that the branch remains at the forefront of legal practice. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and adopting efficient processes, Uzoka aims to streamline operations, optimize member services, and drive positive change within the secretariat.

Inviting Members to Join the Journey

Recognizing the importance of collective effort and collaboration, Kelechukwu Uzoka invites every member of the NBA Lagos Branch to join him on this transformative journey. In the coming weeks, he plans to share detailed plans and initiatives for the office, seeking input and support from fellow branch members. Uzoka’s inclusive approach highlights his commitment to transparency, teamwork, and the active involvement of all stakeholders in shaping the future of the NBA Lagos Branch.


Kelechukwu Uzoka’s decision to contest for the position of Branch Secretary in the NBA Lagos Branch brings renewed enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to the table. His passion for excellence, focus on innovation and efficiency, and inclusive leadership style make him a promising candidate for the role. As members of the branch, let us eagerly await the unveiling of Uzoka’s plans and actively participate in shaping a brighter future for the NBA Lagos Branch. Together, we can strive for progress and create a secretariat that serves us all effectively and efficiently.

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