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NBA Ikeja and BCPG Urge Lagos State Government to Extend Building Plan Amnesty by Six Months

In a unified call to action, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikeja Branch and the Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG) Ikeja Cell are urging the Lagos State Government to extend the ongoing amnesty window for building plan approvals by six months. This extension would prolong the current moratorium on penalties for completed buildings lacking necessary permits, allowing additional time for property owners to comply with regulations. The request, highlighted in a press release, comes in response to economic challenges faced by property owners and developers.

This appeal follows alarming statistics showing that only 10% of Lagos State’s five million properties are registered, as revealed by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Special Adviser on e-GIS and Urban Development. This lack of registration is linked to the high incidence of building collapses in Lagos, which accounts for over half of Nigeria’s building collapse incidents from 1974 to 2024.

During the NBA Ikeja Branch Law Week 2024, themed “Public Governance in Troubled Times: The Rule of Law and the Protection of the Built Environment,” speakers emphasized the need for compliance with building regulations. Key speakers, including Dr. Oluyinka Abiodun Olumide and Mr. Lawal Mohammed Pedro, SAN, highlighted the economic and safety risks of unregulated construction.

The amnesty program aims to correct past irregularities, improve safety standards, and prevent future collapses. By encouraging property owners to regularize their buildings, it promotes structural integrity, accountability, and sustainable development.

However, the NBA and BCPG argue that economic challenges have prevented many property owners from participating in the amnesty program. Extending the deadline would provide relief for those affected by the economic downturn and allow more time for public awareness.

The proposed extension aims to ensure broader participation, fostering a safer and more resilient Lagos. Both organizations pledge continued support, including legal and technical assistance to property owners and ongoing awareness campaigns.

The call for an extension is a plea for the Lagos State Government to consider the economic realities and facilitate greater compliance with building regulations, ensuring the safety and stability of the state’s built environment.

Read the Press Statement below:

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