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NBA 2024 Elections: ECNBA Unveils Preliminary Notice No.1, Paving the Way for NBA 2024 Elections

The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has officially launched its engagement with members, marking the commencement of preparations for the highly anticipated NBA 2024 elections. Under the leadership of Chairman Oluseun Abimbola SAN and Secretary Huwaila Ibrahim, ECNBA expresses its commitment to ensuring a transparent, credible, and fair election process.

The Preliminary Notice No.1, issued in accordance with the powers vested in the committee by section 10 and the second schedule of the NBA Constitution 2015 (As amended), outlines key steps and information crucial for NBA members participating in the upcoming elections.

Bar Practicing Fees (BPF) for 2024: ECNBA reminds members that the window for Bar Practicing fees payment for the year 2024 opens on January 1, 2024, and extends until March 31, 2024.

NBA Online Portal Updates: To facilitate accurate record-keeping, members are encouraged to visit the NBA Online Portal for registration or updates. The committee has also introduced a dedicated mobile application available on both Android and Apple platforms.

Payment Process: Following the completion of member updates, payment of the 2024 Bar Practicing fee (BPF) is to be exclusively conducted through the NBA portal or the new NBA digital app. Members are advised to print automated receipts for their records.

Video Guide: ECNBA provides a comprehensive video guide, accessible on YouTube, to assist members in navigating the update and payment process.

Voters’ List Inclusion: Emphasizing the importance of adherence to the process, ECNBA underscores that inclusion in the voters’ list is contingent upon BPF payment through the NBA portal or the new NBA digital app, excluding physical payments at banks.

Upcoming Notices: In the weeks ahead, ECNBA pledges to issue further notices covering election processes, voter education, and guidelines. The establishment of help lines and an email enquiry desk is also underway to facilitate swift communication and support for member inquiries.

Read the Notice below: