When asked what organised labour would
do if its demands on minimum wage were not met by the government, Ambali
said workers might withdraw their services as they would not be able to
He said, “It may not be a strike but
it could be withdrawal of services. This is because if workers can no
longer go to work, then they will stay at home. If workers trek to work
today and trek for one week, they all will relax at home the next week
because they may not be able to trek. Workers can’t continue going to
work on an empty stomach. Those are the indices that will guide our
‘Govt can pay workers’
The NLC treasurer also insisted that
the government now had more money with the savings from fuel subsidy
removal and could afford to pay workers a decent living wage.
He said,” The Federal Government has
said the removal of the subsidy has earned the government over N1trn
every month. If 50 per cent of that is reinvested in addressing poverty
and the suffering of workers, it will be good.