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Kidnappers demand N20m to release two Abuja landlords

Gunmen abducted two landlords in the Asokoro extension area of the Federal Capital Territory on Sunday.

They are demanding a ransom of N20 million for the victims’ release.

According to reports, the armed men used one of the landlords to gain entry to the other victim’s home.

One landlord, due to the heat, slept outside, where the gunmen discovered him and forced him to lead them to his residence at gunpoint.

Unsatisfied with what they saw in his home, they forced him to take them to a neighbor’s larger house.

The second landlord, arriving home on a motorcycle due to car issues, was attacked as he attempted to enter his house.

The kidnappers have contacted the families, demanding N20 million for the landlords’ release.

Initially demanding N10 million from each family, one offered N2 million, but the kidnappers rejected the partial payment and threatened harm if the full amount wasn’t paid.

Efforts are underway by both the police and the Asokoro Commander of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria to rescue the victims, with searches in nearby areas

credit: PM News