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Joyce Oduah FICMC shares Strategies for Inclusive Leadership, Legal Education, Employment and Facilities for Lawyers with Disabilities

During the 2nd Annual Conference of the NBA-Lawyers with Disability Forum, themed “From Challenges to Triumphs: The Journey of Lawyers with Disabilities in Nigeria,” Joyce Oduah FICMC, through her representative Queen Oduah, strongly advocated for the protection of the rights and welfare of lawyers with disabilities in Nigeria.

The presentation specifically addressed the need to increase the representation of Lawyers with Disabilities (LWD) in leadership roles in public and private legal establishments, eliminate barriers in legal education, and foster collaborations with stakeholders to create a more supportive environment for lawyers with disabilities.

The proposed ideas are expected to make a significant positive impact on the legal profession in Nigeria. Oduah’s presentation was both insightful and constructive, highlighting the crucial role that lawyers with disabilities play in the legal profession and the need for them to be given equal opportunities to excel.